‘LCL School System Lacks Integrity’


The former Forestry Development Authority boss Mr John T. Woods has observed with dissatisfaction the school system’s lack of integrity with the widespread practice of sex for grades or buying grades.

Speaking at the just ended Lutheran Men’s Fellowship Convention held in Zorzor Lofa County from March 26 to 29, Mr Woods said the Lutheran School System was retrogressing and that it is likely to take the country backward.

“If we turn our backs on the school system, we as well as our nation will be going backward,” he said.

“The school system lacks integrity and our children are involved in buying grades or sex for grades,” he added.

The annual Lutheran Men’s Fellowship Convention was held under the theme, “We have a mission to complete” from Acts 20:24 and it brought together men representing 49 Lutheran parishes in Liberia.

Mr. Woods, who started school in 1947 and later moved to Zorzor in 1952 to further his education, said the school system at that time was vibrant and the students were more productive.

“Even, as we speak our children cannot write a good friendly letter and in order to complete our mission, we need to strengthen our school system to its previous status,” he urged.

The Keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Sawolo Nelson cautioned the convention members on their vision and added that in order to complete the mission there is a need for a good leader who fears God.

“In order to complete a mission, we need a leader that will do justice to all, that loves his members and is humble to his people,” he added.

The convention was followed by the election of officers resulting in nearly all the previous leaders, headed by Mr. Benedict Kerkula retaining their posts for another three years.


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