“It is bad Inside Clara Town”


Yesterday’s torrential rainfall left the Vai and Clara town communities badly flooded up to a foot or more in some areas with no option for residents but to wade through the muddy water to get to their destinations.

As the rainy season settles in for the next six months, heavy tropical rainstorms like this morning’s downpour with crashes of thunder and lightning can be expected. Also not surprising is the flooding of many residential areas in the country which have not been fixed to prevent them from being submerged by the torrential rainfall.

Our reporters touring Vai Town yesterday afternoon when the rains subsided witnessed the impact of the severe flooding on homes, businesses, schools and other structures not to mention the roads and paths many of which were completely inaccessible. Businesses located on the main road were hard hit as one side of the road was flooded. Some stores could not open.

The story was more depressing in Clara Town. A large pool of water had risen right at the entrance to the community.

“We are suffering,” said a woman who trades at the Clara Town junction. “It is bad inside Clara Town.”
Cars, tricycles and motorbikes navigated their way in the water, while residents used a narrow bank at the edge of the water to go back and forth across the town.

The entrance of the nearby Marvii Sonii Elementary & Junior High School was entirely underwater.
Students determined not to miss classes were seen holding their shoes in their hands as they walked barefooted through the muddy water to enter the school’s compound.

Mr. Augustine Sheriff, who operates a motorbike repair shop, told the Daily Observer that water entered many homes in the area. “The drains built by Public Works are above the ground therefore the water is not able to run through them,” he said.

With the rains already here, “the entire community here will have more difficulties walking through water whenever it rains heavily.”

Another point raised by the affected residents was that the drains are clogged with sand and garbage due to the uncontrolled tossing of trash, especially used plastic bags, into the sewage lines.
Marvii Sonii third grade student, Aisha, 11, was seen wading through a large accumulation (buildup) of water surrounding her parent’s residence.

“That’s how we do when it rains here,” Aisha said. “We don’t know what we must do to stop the water.”

Other residents told the Daily Observer how the water had flooded the homes and the rooms of many residents of Clara Town ruining many of their belongings .

To add to the appalling situation, the courtyard of the Clara Town Hall was flooded so badly that none of the employees there showed up for work yesterday.
Residents commented that Clara Town is located in a swamp and therefore every raining season the area experiences serious flooding.

Although officials at the Ministry of Public Works could not be reached to comment on the situation, residents said they would be happy to see something done to stop the flooding every year.
Residents in the area are from the lower rungs of the economic ladder, a long time resident told the Daily Observer. “These are poor people and therefore whatever it is, they will manage through it,” he said.

Clara Town gained popularity with the emergence of Senator George Weah, who grew up there and was a popular footballer in the community.
Other areas that suffer from flooding every raining season are Samuel Doe Community opposite the Freeport of Monrovia, Popo Beach and Colonel West, all on Bushrod Island.

The area around Buzzy Quarter was another scene of serious flooding yesterday. Several vehicles were stranded and the traffic prevented from moving in the direction of UN Drive near the Rally Time Market.


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