‘Veterinary Medicine is Scarce in Liberia’


A Liberian veterinarian says that in order to increase poultry and meat production in the country, there is a need for Liberians to think about the establishment of animal medicine business in the country.

Mr. Charles Holkins, chief executive officer of the Price Trading Incorporated veterinary store, made the statement yesterday to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview at his business center in Monrovia.

According to Mr. Holkins, due to the scarcity of animal drugs in the country, Liberian animal farmers find it difficult to get access to veterinary medicine.

“Providing veterinary medicine for local farmers would help enhance animal production in the country. I have observed that many animal farmers are traveling to neighboring countries to purchase drugs for the health of their animals.

He said that it is because of this need, he has established a drug store in the country.
“I have initiated the establishment of veterinary pharmacies on Somalia Drive, Monrovia, and another branch in Ganta to address the urgent need of animal farmers. I believe it is by this means that we can reduce the constraints facing animal farmers.

He stated that the drugs are sold at an affordable price.

Mr. Holkins explained that they are also involved in providing technical services to the farmers.

“Many of the farmers lack the technical knowledge to treat their livestock and poultry,” he explained.

The Price Trading Incorporated Store is the only drug store for animals in Liberia since the end of the Liberian civil crisis. It was established in 2010, to help solve veterinary drug scarcity, thus enhancing poultry and meat production.


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