Trying to Rebuild the Health Sector, MOH, Partners, End Joint External Evaluation Seminar

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday, August 9, concluded a 1 week joint external evaluation seminar in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The Seminar, which focused on the understanding and implementation of the international health regulations (IHR), brought together representatives of the health sector, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, the security sector, including the Liberia National Police, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Liberia National Fire Service, and the Armed Forces of Liberia.

Gracing the event were Dr. Desmond Williams, a representative of the Center for Disease Control – USA; Grand Kru County Senator Peter Coleman; Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dahn and her Deputy Tolbert Nyensua, as well as several health practitioners from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

Senator Coleman, who himself is a medical doctor, said there is a need for donor funds to improve the health sector through building the capacities of health workers in order to have a uniform health system that would curb public distrust in the domestic health services.

‘’The government needs more funding to improve the sector, most especially considering the reduced capacity of those serving in the sector if we should be put into action the concept of one health unit,’’ said Senator Coleman.

He then congratulated the participants and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization for their respective supports to rebuild the country’s health system.

For her part, Dr. Bernice Dahn said since the Ebola outbreak, the WHO has reconsidered the implementation of the International Health Regulations (IHR), which the organization designed at its General Assembly in 2005, but took effect in Liberia in 2007.

According to Minister Dahn, prior to the outbreak of Ebola, WHO has asked countries around the world that are part of the United Nations to evaluate their own health systems and report to its designated offices.

‘’Though Ebola struck our system, we need to continue reflecting on how we can build our own capacities, while counting on the support from our partners,’’ she said.

Dr. Dahn has meanwhile called on Liberians to think positively and work alongside the government to rebuild the health system.

Also speaking, CDC-USA Director Dr. Desmond Williams said the WHO is technically supporting UN countries, including Liberia.

Dr. Williams said WHO has experts at local, national as well as international levels to help contain health crises that that pose threats to the development of each country.


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