PPAL Begins 4-Yr Strategic Plan

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The Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia (PPAL) has officially started its four-year (2016-2019) strategic plan on sexual and reproductive health in Monrovia.

The Director of Family Health Division at the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Joseph L. Kerkula, according to a release, served as the chief launcher of the program. He underscored the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the issues relating to maternal and newborn deaths in the country.

The release noted that Dr. Kerkula also stressed the need for the government to make available resources to build human capacity on how to tackle prenatal problems.

He admitted that although there are challenges, the government and its partners should exert more effort to address the country’s maternal and mortality rates.

“There is a need to identify key factors to the cause of high maternal deaths and the death of newborn babies in the country,” Dr. Kerkula said.

Dr. Kerkula used a powerpoint presentation to explain how he arrived at the conclusion of the alarming rate at which maternal and newborn deaths were recorded.

PPAL Executive Director Miatta Kiawu Cojolo disclosed that the maternal mortality rate had remained high since 2007, with 994 to 1,072/100,000 live births. She also revealed that 1.9 percent of the population has been diagnosed with HIV&Aids.

“PPAL’s four year strategy will leverage on restricted projects income to attain maximum…coverage (on) sexual and reproductive health services; where there are growing demands for the services especially in the southeastern and northern regions of the country, where the roads have remained deplorable and largely inaccessible.”

The strategic plan, according to Madam Cojolo, sets the specific identity, vision, mission and PPAL core values, four outcomes and eight priorities that allow the association to deliver impact as an SRH/R organization by 2019 and provides focus by setting the operational plans.


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