Philip to Undergo Reconstructive Surgery Abroad


Philip Zinnah, Jr., a child whose medical situation was published in local dailies, is expected to leave Liberia soon for further medical treatment after being checked into the Duside Hospital in Harbel, Margibi County. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview Wednesday, April 2, with Ms. Charlesetta Nougbode Williams, who came to the aid of Little Zinnah, told the Daily Observer that the little man, who is being treated at the Duside Hospital, will soon depart with his mother for further treatment abroad.

Dr. Lawrence Shannon of the Duside Hospital corroborated what Ms. Williams had said that Philip would have to travel abroad for reconstructive surgery after receiving some medication from the Duside Hospital.

Madam Williams explained that she received donations from Robtel Neejai Pailey, Ms. Best Garlo and other concerned individuals in and out of Liberia for Philip’s treatment.

“I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to Ms. Best Garlo from Radio Liberia’s European office. Thanks to her quick financial aid this little boy will be able to receive the medical attention he needs.”

She also thanked Estella Nelson from Women’s Democracy Radio in Liberia; Dr. Lawrence Shannon from the Duside Hospital in Margibi county; Korto Williams, Country Director of Action aid-Liberia and Caroline Bowah Browne of Medical Mondialle for their individual contributions to the care of children.

“Let me also express thanks and appreciation to Philip Wesseh of the Inquirer Newspaper who sent his reporter with us to the John F. Kennedy Hospital for two days, Chief Imam Abdullah Nyei, and Nancy Weah of Georgia Pattern United Methodist Church on Water Street for their contribution to the children.”    

Madam Williams explained about little Gabriel Flomo, who is also suffering from cancer in the eye. According to her, Flomo, a one-year-nine-month-old child, was recently denied by the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Sinkor with proper medical treatment. She didn’t say how he was denied.

“I received the message of little Flomo and met with his parents immediately got car and rushed him at the John F. Kennedy hospital and sadly for us they refused the little boy and that was when we managed to get to Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah’s Hope for Women Clinic on AB Tolbert Road, where he began treatment before he was taken to Tappita.”

According to Madam Williams, little Flomo is currently hospitalized at the Tappita hospital in Nimba County and Dr. Paul King, a visiting Medical Doctor from the United States, will treat him before he (Dr. King) goes back to the USA.

Ms. Williams also extended her gratitude to Dr. Bartun Kulah MD, Atlanta USA, who had  informed Dr. King about little Flomo. She further expressed her thanks to Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah.


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