Parents urged to Take Child Education Seriously


Madam Ellen Olunfe Pratt, Deputy Minister for Industry and Inspector General at the Ministry of Commence, has advised parents to take their children’s education seriously, “because they are the future leaders of the country.”

Minister Pratt who spoke on the topic “Importance of Education in Global Competition,” at the closing program of Aware International School, said parents have a critical role in the education of their kids.

“An excellent education is every child’s right; and while our nation has gone through a difficulty period of civil war, we have much further to go to ensure that every child has equal opportunity to learn and to compete with other kids,” she said.

“We have to make it our responsibility to provide children access to affordable, quality education that would make them competitive globally.”

According to her, Aware International School (AIS) is among several institutions that are providing quality education to children in the country.

For her part, school principal, Mrs. Beena Gopinathan said if Liberian children are to compete with their international counterparts, their learning environment should be conducive for learning.

“Our school will continue to meet the challenges ahead; we will emphasize on aligning expected outcomes and promote student development, creativity and critical thinking capacities,” she said.

Giving an overview of the school, she said, her institution started with a small number of students and with resilience has been able to accomplish the school’s objective of enriching the lives its students.

“The previous year especially, with the Ebola crisis literally paralyzing the country, we had the most challenging period. However, we overcame it, and have emerged much stronger.
“We always strive to play a leading role, not only in the personality development of our children, but also the development of the country,” Mrs. Gopinathan assured.

She said her school has made strides because of the “various co-curricular activities like contests and cultural programs.”

“This has been possible because of our arts festival, which was conducted in December last year, that exposed our students’ talents,” she said.


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