Nurses Urged to Be Forceful


The president of the Liberia Nurses Association (LNA), Madam Gloria Stevens, has urged nurses across Liberia to be more forceful in deliverance of health services at their various work places. 

Speaking at the program marking the International Nursing Day on Monday, May 12, held at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Center, Madam Stevens stressed the need for nurses to make the difference.

The International Nursing Day program, being held under the theme: “Nurses, A Force for Change- A Vital Resource for Health,” brought over 150 nurses from across Liberia.   

According to president Stevens, it is importance for the Government of Liberia and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to focus on empowering nurses through training, attractive incentives and salary that will create contentment for workers.

She said, “In order to be more forceful, we need the best environment and the empowerment that will encourage and support nurses to perform to the fullest level because we are the resources for good health.”

The LNA president, however, explained that low financial constraint was a serious problem to the up lifting of the organization.

According to her empowerment of available nurses through training, stipend, local and international scholarships could make a great change to the health sector and the country.

The LNA leader called on the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale, to focus on providing more services including in-service training for nurses.

The program also brought together other health partners including members from the Firestone-run Du-side Hospital, who demonstrated a dress code of those handling blood samples of suspected Ebola virus persons.


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