Mr. Brown and officials of his friendship group performing the groundbreaking ceremony

In the Buuyao District #5 in Nimba County near the Liberian border in the catchment communities of Buutuo, the burden of trekking long distances to access medical treatment will soon be something of the past.

The Friends of Samuel N. Brown Network in Liberia (FOSNB-Network) gave the assurance to the over 47,000 residents of the district when the coordinator of the friendship, Samuel N. Brown, broke ground for the construction of a 26-bedroom hospital in the area. Mr. Brown put the cost of the hospital at US$200,000, out which all essential building materials have been purchased and transported to the site. The project is implemented on the motto, “Helping People Establish Themselves.”

The hospital will be situated on a 75- acre property between Nyor Display Town bordering the Nyor towns of Butuo, Blontuo, Gbanwea and Barlorplay. When completed, it will buttress government’s efforts aimed at implementing the free maternal and child healthcare program.

The policy is based on the notion that financial barriers are one of the most important constraints to equitable access to skilled maternal and child healthcare givers.

Mr. Brown told the gathering in Nyor Display Town last Saturday that the hospital’s construction signifies the dawn of unity among the residents which he observed was important to develop the entire Buuyao District.

“The groundbreaking ceremony tells the story that we want our people to keep together since the SB Network believes in working together to better the lives of community dwellers across the county,” Mr. Brown said.

He added, “We want you to know that the betterment of Buuyao depends on the residents including those of us who are your children that have worked and saved small amount of money, but no one else.”

The architectural design of the building contains the main theatre (operation room), obstetric ward (delivery room), nurses’ station, and offices for the doctors. It will have adequate wards for male, female and pediatric (children).

The architectural design of the hospital

Local authorities represented by the town, clan, zone and paramount chiefs, described the groundbreaking ceremony as dream comes true, for which, Paramount Chief, Jessie W. Wonleh, on behalf of the locals, expressed gratitude to Mr. Brown and the leadership of the SB Network.

Women organizations including the traditional trained birth attendant also attended the ceremony. They too were represented by Birr Tolwon and Esther Gweh respectively.

Nimba County Health Team representative, Ernest Dianye, commended Mr. Brown for the intervention to bring relief to the residents from the difficulty they face seeking medical treatment by walking long distances to the nearest health post.

He said a health action is any effort, such as the one Mr. Brown has initiated, whether in personal healthcare, public health services or through intersectoral initiatives with the primary purpose to improve residents’ health.

According to Mr. Dianye, the objective of good health services is to obtain the best attainable average level – goodness – and the smallest feasible differences among individuals and groups – fairness, for which he held Mr. Brown’s effort in high esteem.

The program characterized by a high level of excitement and singing of traditional praise songs was climaxed with a football match played between members of SB Network and the ‘boys’ in the town.


  1. The immigration personnels will stop the ivorian nationals from accessing to that center of hope when it is operative. I was banned from going to BUUTUO last saturday for a funeral ceremony because immigration agent to the liberian side was at bad temper.


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