‘My Son is Dying, Please Help’


Seven-year-old G. Monnie Potter, who is suffering from a serious eye defect, may lose his sight or die unless his father’s plea for assistance receives urgent attention from philanthropists.

Mr. Bobby Potter said his son is current enduring, “pain which my son cannot bear anymore and I’m appealing for urgent help for him.”

“My son is paralyzed and partially blind; his head and legs are swollen and his mouth and Tongue are twisted,” he said almost in tears.

Little G. Potter and his parents are residents of Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County but he is currently admitted at the Tappita Hospital for a CT Scan Test, costing the family U$100, according to Mr. Potter.

His mother Mamie Potter, also in tears, told the Daily Observer Monday evening that the family visited several medical centers but her son’s condition has not changed for the better.

“We’ve spent all the money we have and we now have no money to settle his future medical bills,” she said. “My husband is not working; we are begging everybody in the name of God to come to our aid.”

“I love my son so much and I don’t want his eyes to get damaged or for him to die from this sickness,” she sobbed.

The Daily Observer learned that due to the disturbing condition, Little Potter’s health has rapidly declined and doctors have advised that the family take the child out of Liberia to seek advanced medical treatment.

The possibility of his recovery, according to the boy’s father, now centers heavily on the availability of money to pay his medical bill.  

When little Potter’s situation started in 2013, the family was allegedly told that it was malaria. “I took him to CEM Clinic in Buchanan and the nurses said it was malaria and they gave him treatment,” Mrs. Porter said, adding: “but few days later, his left eye started swollen.”

 She said the boy was taken back to the clinic where the nurses said his situation was now the result of an infection in the blood, a report, which was also confirmed by doctors at the St. Peter’s Catholic Hospital in Buchanan.

He was treated for his condition but there was no improvement, according to the mother, and a recommendation was made for an advanced treatment abroad. “The doctor at the government hospital said we should take the boy to the JFK in Monrovia for better treatment,” the sick child’s mom said.

Little Potter was born on January 28, 2007 in Gaye Town Old Road, Monrovia. He was a very healthy, smart and handsome kid, the mother said. He attended the Children Future Day Care School in Buchanan. For help of any kind, you can contact Mr. H. Bobby Potter on the following numbers: 0777075940/ 0886587394/0777409553.


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