Mother Seeks Help for Child with Ocular Growth


Nineteen-year-old Hawa Flomo is pleading with all humanitarians, including organizations, to come to her son Michael Flomo’s aid.

There is a growth on little Flomo’s left eye,  and doctors have told his mother he needs to seek medical treatment abroad.

According to Hawa, Michael was taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, were he spent close to a week in bed. Unfortunately, according to her, she was told at JFK that she has to take her son outside Liberia for advanced treatment.

Ms. Flomo said the hospital only gave her some pain killer tablets in order to ease the pain on the boy.

“I am begging the Government of Liberia, NGOs and concerned citizens to come to please help my son. The people at the hospital said I should wait until my son dies, but I want my child to live.”

She explained that they also visited the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Nimba County and Duside Hospital in Harbel, Margibi County. Both hospitals told her that Michael’s only hope was advanced medical treatment currently unavailable in Liberia.

She said doctors told her that her son is suffering from an ocular (of or having to do with the eyes) growth that bleeds heavily; often leading to miserable sleepless nights for her son.

She sadly stated that little Michael has lost a lot of blood in recent times after being sent home from the hospital without any proper medication other than pain killers.

Ms. Flomo believes that only the kindness of the general public can save her son.

“He has spent almost a year with this sickness. It started when he began to crawl. I noticed his eye was bothering him and carried to the local clinic. Within the past year the growth has gotten bigger. I have carried him from one place to another with no correct results,” Hawa lamented.

She explained that her son’s father is in Guinea while she is currently living in Buchanan with Michael.

Anyone wanting to help Hawa’s son can call the Daily Observer on 00231886631025 or 00231886971780.


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