MOH, MI Increase Fight against Malaria

During a net distribution campaign in Liberia, trainers demonstrate the proper way to hang a net-MENTOR Initiative.jpg

In an effort to minimize malaria from communities, the Mentor Initiative (MI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, is increasing its access to confirmatory diagnosis of malaria before treatment in private medicine stores and pharmacies, in West Point and Bushrod Island. The latter is a highly infested malaria prone community because of unsanitary condition.

MI and the Health Ministry began its partnership to kick-out the deadly disease (malaria) from the communities (West Point and Bushrod Island) since 2010.

The two institutions, aimed to stage a one-day awareness campaign on Kru Beach, West Point on Friday, January 17, on the confirmatory diagnosis of malaria, with the message “Get Tested, for Malaria before Treatment.”

The awareness is to inform the larger communities about the malaria commodities in private medicine stores and pharmacies in West Point and Bushrod Island.

According to Mentor Initiative’s IEC/BCC Coordinator S. Bonah Lackay, ‘the test and medicines’ are in all the private medicine stores and pharmacies, at cheap and affordable prices.

Mr. Lackay said all tests are sold for L$20, and the complete dose for teenager and adult (14 years-adult) is L$35; while children (2-11 months; 1-5years; 6-13years) is L$25.

“The medicines are procured by MI with funding from COMIC Relief Special Initiative to help eradicate malaria from the country,” Mr. Lackay said.

He added: “Mentor Initiative believed by getting tested for malaria before treatment, will definitely help reduce malaria from the communities.”

Over the years, MI and the Health Ministry have trained dispensers, physician assistants and nurses assigned in private medicine stores and pharmacies to administer the tests and doses on children and adult.


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