Liberia Stands at Risk


The Director of Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) says that the future of Liberia is at risk if public awareness against the indiscriminate use of drugs is not given the attention it deserves.

Madam Esther Grant made the statement recently at the completion of a ten-day workshop in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The workshop was organized by the Division of Rehabilitation of the MOH, and was intended to educate community dwellers and stakeholders on how to combat the increasing rate of drug abuse.

Madam Grant noted that though the Government is making some headway in the fighting drug abuse, citizens themselves need to get involved with trying to change the minds of young people about the dangers associated with the use of drugs.

“We need to advise our children to stop taking drugs, as it is not good for the body,” Madam Grant told parents at the workshop.

According to Grant, since young people's brains continue to develop until they turn 18, they are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of drug abuse. Less experience using a drug means that a person is less likely to develop a tolerance for it.

She said that no country in the world can achieve its developmental goals if its people are not taught all that they should know about an epidemic.

Director Grant further explained that youths and adults constitute over 68 percent of Liberia’s population, requiring a vigorous approach in advising them against drug abuse.

A participant lauded the facilitators and the MOH&SW for the opportunity to learn about the effects of illicit drugs.

Moses Tarpeh, 25, said that he will use the knowledge he acquired to advise his friends to desist from taking drugs, as they are not good for the body.


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