LCS Begins Membership Drive


The Liberian Cancer Society (LCS) has begun a nationwide membership drive with the aim of making the entity vibrant.

This initiative, according to LCS president Dr. Dawn Cooper Barnes, is the first since the country’s 14-year civil war ended in 2003.

The membership drive, Dr. Barnes said, is intended to fill the organization’s manpower capacity gap.

She added: “LCS welcomes everybody, whether the person is a cancer patient or not. The idea is about saving life and making Liberia a cancer free nation. Cancer is everybody’s business. Therefore, I am appealing to Liberians from all walks of life to come and obtain their membership form.

“Remember, the life you save today might be yours or someone you love. So, join us to help make Liberia a cancer-free society. The work seems difficult, but with your support, we can make it.”

She said everyday Liberians are dying from cancer because of ignorance of the disease, adding: “But the increase in the death rate can be reduced if Liberians join the organization to spread the awareness.”

“Joining the LCS is the first thing. Financial and moral support is the second thing; however, the most important thing is the willingness of every potential member to avail themselves anytime for the awareness exercise about the disease, especially in the leeward counties.”

She put the cost of the membership at US$2O for individuals, and US$200-1,000 for corporate sponsorship.

Meanwhile, Dr. Barnes has said beginning early March, the Liberian government will resume the administering of the HPV vaccines-16 and 18, which are known to prevent cervical cancers in girls between the ages of 9-13 years before they become sexually active.

Founded in 1977 and reactivated in 2012, LCS aims to create more awareness about cancer as well as educate the public on prevention, and purchasing equipment and medication.


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