Koreans to Train Health Practitioners in Infectious Disease Management


As the Ministry of Health and its main partners work toward building a resilient health sector following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD), others have decided to help in revamping the nation’s health sector so that it can be able to withstand any outbreak in the future.

The latest commitment in this direction has been made by the Korean Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Noh Kyu-duk, who has said that plans are underway to train some of Liberia’s health workers in infectious disease management.

Ambassador Noh, who is resident in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, told Minister Kamara that the country’s post-Ebola recovery proposal is a very important aspect of his country’s engagement with Liberia when he paid her a courtesy visit on Monday.

He informed Minister Kamara that he has held formal discussions with Liberia’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Al-hassan Conteh, who promised to make sure that the post-Ebola proposal would be submitted by November of this year to Korea for its intervention.

The Korean envoy said he would hold discussions with authorities at the Ministry of Health and that the discussions will lead to a two-week training program on how to control infectious diseases in Liberia.

“We will invite two medical experts from Korea, who will come to Liberia to conduct the training for Liberian medical professionals to deal with cases of infectious disease control in Liberia,” he informed Minister Kamara.

Responding to the good news, Minister Kamara praised the government of Korea for its immense contributions to Liberia’s post-war and post-Ebola recovery efforts.

“We are also very grateful for what your country is doing for Liberia especially your invaluable support to the health sector during the outbreak of Ebola and post-Ebola recovery. We wish to see more massive engagements from you toward our health sector at this critical period,” Minister Kamara said.

She informed Amb. Noh that the health sector is one of the critical areas where Liberia will continue to engage friendly governments, including Korea, for support, adding: “We look forward to working with you.”

Minister Kamara thanked the Korean diplomat for his personal role in cementing the cordial bilateral relations between Liberia and his country, adding that the issue of infectious disease control is a critical challenge facing the Liberian health sector.

She reflected on the past experience with the outbreak of Ebola, saying: “There are many things that we need to do to strengthen our health sector.”

She urged Amb. Noh to liaise with authorities of the Ministry of Health to ensure a successful training program.


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