Kanvee Adams presenting an assortment of medical supplies to Benjamin Vulue of Family Health Center, one of the benefiting health centers

Liberia’s most decorated gospel artist, Kanvee Gains Adams, recently donated an assortment of medical supplies estimated at US$25,000 to four clinics in Montserrado District #6 to alleviate some of the constraints they face on a daily basis while discharging their duties of taking care of patients.

Presenting the medical supplies, which included syringes, hand gloves, sterilizers during a brief ceremony held at her political office in Paynesville, Mrs. Adams said Liberia’s poor health system is responsible for the death of one of her children.

“I am one of the persons who have seriously been affected by the poor health system of this country, mainly to the point wherein I lost my only son out of my four children and feel that with God on my side I would love to always contribute to its improvement in order to allow sons and daughters of my fellow residents of this district to survive curable diseases,” she said.

The gospel artist turned politician said even though guns are silent around the country, there are still many great wars ongoing, including the battle against Liberia’s poor health system, which she said is claiming the lives of many of the country’s citizens on a daily basis.

“Our health system is at stake and this threat needs the attention of well-meaning people, a group of which we think we are a part of,” she noted.

She said her donation is not about politics but a passion to help the struggling clinics in district #6 to serve the people better.

“I came across a case where someone was taken to a clinic for treatment but was rejected because that clinic did not have the facility that would have saved the life of that patient,” Adams recalled.

Explaining how she procured the supplies from the U. S. to Liberia, Mrs. Adams said ‘HERO,’ a nongovernmental institution based in Fargo, North Dakota has agreed to partner with her to alleviate some of the difficult circumstances health centers go through while catering to patients.

“HERO gave us these supplies free of charge after we made our case clear that our people are dying simply because of lack of materials at health centers to cater to patients and they have assured us of their unflinching support in rebuilding the health sector of this district and, to some extent, the country at large,” she said.

She said her aspiration to represent the people of the district in the House of Representatives is to ensure that there is a vibrant healthcare system among other things in the district and beyond, through proper oversight.

Adams said the remaining items which include hospital beds, wheel chairs, examination beds and laboratory equipment, will soon arrive in the country to be distributed among clinics in the district free of charge.

Receiving the items, a physician assistant at the Family Health Center Clinic, Mr. Benjamin Vulue, commended Adams and termed her gesture as a timely offer to the health sector of the district.

“This is the first time in this district we in the health sector have received medical supplies from anyone, and for this gesture we are grateful,” Mr. Vulue said.

He said the items will be used for the intended purposes and without bias.

Medical Diagnostic Clinic, Family Health Center, Liberty Clinic, and Sunrise Medical Clinic benefited from Adams’ donations.


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