Health Promoters Network Welcomes “Safe & Dignified Burial Site”

Some of the new graves at the new burial site where safe and dignified burial will take place_web.jpg

The Health Promoters Network of Liberia (HPNL) has welcomed the introduction of a safe burial site for people who died from Ebola.

HPNL National Coordinator, Mr. Victor Seah, said they are pleased with the coordination among the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Carter Center and the traditional and religious leaders to end cremating dead Ebola persons and re-introduce “safe and dignify burial.”

The group, which promotes good health habits, appealed for full participation of all Liberians to observe the instructions from health practitioners during burial time.

Seah encouraged Liberians to provide support to the burial teams and adhere to all safety tips in order to avoid contracting the virus.

In addition, Seah warned that other forms or traditional and religious practices that will hinder the safe burial process be suspended.

He told the Daily Observer Health Desk Saturday, January 3 in Margibi County, that as a part of ending the Ebola crisis or having no new Ebola case in Liberia, every citizen most conform to the preventive measures.

HPNL, which is helping to provide awareness in the Ebola Most Go campaign also praised the  Incident Management System (IMS) for the progress made in the fight against the Ebola Virus.

Meanwhile the Health Promoter Network of Liberia has also welcomed the restoration of “normal health services” to the five affected counties. HPNL national coordinator said the initiative is essential to the fight against the virus.

Seah noted that maternal and newborn health services, child health services, HIV, Malaria, TB including emergency health services are cardinal to ending  some of the many problems Liberians are facing in the health sector.

Touching on the recent MOU signed between the Ministry and faith-based and public health facilities, Seah hoped the MOU will last and the 35 percent discount agreed will be implemented.

He appealed to the Health Ministry and partners to successfully deliver as agreed to supply those health facilities with drugs and medical supply.

He promised that his organization will monitor health facilities signatory to the said agreement to provide discount to patient and other free services.

Seah said his organization will post volunteers at the James N. Davis Memorial and Bensonville Hosptals in Monteserrado, CH Rennie Hospital in Margibi, Telewoyan, Foya, Kolahum Hosptals in Lofa, G. W. Harley Hospital in Nimba and C.B Dunbar Hosptal in Bong to monitor treatment provided to patients based on the agreement. All of these are public health facilities.

The group said the agreement, which is expected to last for six months — January to June 2015 — should be fully implemented by all parties involved. “We are concerned about the health of every Liberian. So we will remain dedicated in advocating for improved health in Liberia,” he said.

Also, as part of the HPNL 2015 campaign, the group recently completed a tour of three counties. HPNL coordinator said their visit to Bomi, Cape Mount and Margibi Counties were intended to access the impact and contributions of community radio stations in the fight against the Ebola Virus.

Doing their visit to those counties, the group had discussions with program managers from Radio Bomi, Radio Cape Mount and Radio Sawar regarding the amount of time allotted for messages on Ebola.

According to the HPNL Coordinator Seah, their discussions also focused on the amount of time Ebola messages are being aired including the specific time of the day those messages are being played.


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