Girl, 7, Seeks Medical Help Abroad


Parents of a 7-year-old girl, Diamond F. Thomas, have launched an SOS call to government institutions, civil society and well-meaning Liberians to help their daughter seek medical attention out of the country.

Diamond Thomas and her parents walked into the offices of the Daily Observer Monday, May 26, and her father George Thomas explained that she was born deformed.

A medical report from Mawah Clinic, (Monrovia), diagnosed Diamond’s situation as ‘soft skeleton, thus twisting her vertebral columns which is associated with muscles atrophy.’

The report said tests conducted showed ‘dushun’s syndrome and congenital endocrinal disease.’

“Due to lack of required facilities at our institution this patient is advised to seek further treatment abroad,” the report said.

Diamond’s father told the Daily Observer that at an early age, his daughter’s condition could not permit her to go to school like other children.

“She had problem walking on her legs and she would manage to go to school, and because of her desire to be in school, her classmates were moved to make her the school’s queen,” he said.

According to him, Diamond recently won the K1 Class Queen Contest at the Grace International Christian Institute in Omega Community, Paynesville outside Monrovia.

He explained that two years ago, “We took Diamond to the clinic. But like I said at the time things were not as bad as it is right now. At the J.F.K Medical Center doctors told us that she could only be treated abroad.”

Thomas said the family is in desperate need of financial help in order the save the life of their daughter.

Tear-filled Teta Thomas, mother of Diamond, called on the religious community to pray for her daughter’s safety and health.

She narrated: “Many times Diamond’s feet would begin to hurt her and she would crawl on her knees, as the pain becomes unbearable for her.”

Mrs. Thomas, meanwhile asked philanthropists to rush to the family’s assistance so that Little Diamond enjoys the rest of her life as normal human being. For assistance and contributions please call the family: 0886548111/0886848377 0r 0776401765


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