Fighting for Survival


Thirteen-year-old Fernice Thomas from the Ashmun Street Community is fighting for his life at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in the Congo Town, due to “failed kidneys.”

Fernice Thomas, who has had a difficult past three years since he was diagnosed with failing kidneys at the age of 11, now finds himself chronically ill, yet with the hope that someone will come to his aid and save him from the inevitable.

Jessie Nyenploe, the mother of the chronically ill child, has explained that her son has been battling this sickness for years. She is now reaching out to the media in hopes of finding financial assistance to get her son treated abroad where kidney problems are better treated.

“The doctors say that my son’s two kidneys are no longer good and that he needs to be sent to Ghana for them to wash the urine from his system.” She explained.

According to Doctor Mahmoud, the doctor of the child, Fernice’s life span will be limited without the immediate treatment of kidney dialysis.

“If he is left untreated without any medical intervention, he has less then a month to live, his kidneys are completely destroyed. As each day goes, another day has to come, and he is not guaranteed those days” he added sadly.

Fernice Thomas is clearly in a lot of pain and agony as he is barley able to keep his eyes open or breathe steadily due to the excruciating pain. But despite what fate might have in store for him, the child keeps a positive outlook.

“I am strong” he whispered to his mom whenever she inquired about how he felt.

Mrs. Lah Lah, a relative who has shown support to Fernice’s mother throughout her hospital stay, gave her opinion on what would be necessary to get Fernice on the path to recovery until a kidney replacement can be given.

 “The only way we can do anything is by getting him to Kenya where they have the dialysis machines. It cost US$575 a week for such cases, and the hospital where he would have to stay during the dialysis would cost about US$175 a day”

According to Mrs. Nyenploe, the family has been in the hospital for more then one week since her son fell sick yet again.

“ I rushed him to the hospital last week. He had a fever and was very weak in the body; that’s then we brought him. The doctors did the test and said that he has kidney failure and that his kidneys were not functioning. Since he has been in the hospital they have been treating him, even though the Doctor says nothing can be done. They are treating him the best way possible. They say the only way to save him is to fly him out of the country. So now I am depending on the media with the grace of God.” She added tearfully.

Fernice’s two kidneys are said to no longer be functional and therefore will need a special medical procedure known as dialysis that can prolong the patient’s life span until they are able to find a replacement kidney.

Dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure. Dialysis may be used for those with an acute disturbance in kidney function

“They say damage to his kidneys is what has him swollen up. His system will need to be washed out with a special machine. In fact, he took one pint of blood from his older brother. Since then he has been okay a little bit, but we need to carry the man to Ghana,” his mother repeated.

If anyone has the financial hand and or heart as a parent would for their own child, you are asked to please contact 00231886631025 and 00231886531797  so that little Fernice can have an opportunity, like every child should, to live.

“I am appealing to anyone to help take my son out of the country for further treatment so that he can get well. I know by Jesus’ name he will get well, because when we arrived at the hospital, the doctor said Fernice only had two days to live. Through the press and the grace of God, he is still alive. Fernice is a smart boy and very playful, his father passed away years ago from chronic infection. He is a strong kid and wants to live; he deserves to live” she cried.


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