E&J Medical Center Needs Logistical, Other Support


The management of the Esther & Jereline Koung Medical Center, commonly known as E&J Medical Center in Ganta City, is calling on the national government and other well wishers for logistical and other support to enhance the smooth running of the hospital.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Ganta yesterday, Chief Administrator Mr. Lawrence Tozay said the cost of running the hospital is huge and it requires external support to provide the needed health services to the people.

He explained that the hospital runs on 24-hour electricity, serves patients with 3 daily meals and at the same time provides other services to meet their health needs which, he said, cannot be managed by the current intake alone.

“This hospital needs four medical doctors, 60 nurses and 20 midwives as well as other support staff to provide the needed services for our people,” he said.

Tozay added that at present the hospital does not have an ambulance, while lubricants to keep the hospital’s generators on regularly remain a daily challenge.

He boasted that the hospital has one of the best laboratories in Liberia, where many important medical tests that sometimes take patients to Ghana, including liver, kidney, and lipid profiles, are done.

“We also do electrolytes, thyroid function, fertility hormones, hematology, microbiology and serology,” said Dr. Peter M. George, a medical doctor presently working at the hospital. “One of our major constraints is the logistical problem.”

The hospital is running both inpatient and outpatient services, the administrator said.

“Every ward is fully air conditioned with satellite disc television system to reduce stress on our patients,” Mr. Tozay said.

The outpatient department is also fully air conditioned with two television sets, making it second to none in the country, he noted.

Since the hospital opened to the public over a month ago, it has conducted 28 successful surgeries, said Dr. George.

The E&J Medical Center is the second medical facility in Ganta City, where the Ganta United Methodist Hospital has been operating since the 1920s.

It was officially dedicated on July 23, 2016 by Vice President Joseph Boakai, with scores of high profile government officials present.

“Owing to the health care needs our people face, Jeremiah Koung, in 2011 made health his priority as he contested for the post of Representative; and upon winning the election, he broke ground for the hospital project in 2012,” Mr. Tozay explained.

The hospital is presently receiving about 20 to 50 patients daily, according to the administrator.

“This hospital is for everybody and we are asking any well wisher to come in with whatsoever help they have to enhance the running of the hospital,” he pleaded.


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