Caregiver Praises Sen. Weah, Others for Humanitarian Support


Healthpage Liberia’s Executive Director, Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams, has showered praises on Montserrado County Senator George Weah and others for their humanitarian gestures which led to two sick Liberian children being flown abroad for advanced medical treatments.

The children’s medical conditions cannot be handled in Liberia as there are no hospitals with specialized equipment and doctors to treat them.

Prince J. Tweh,4, from the impoverished slum community of West Point fell into a pot of boiling water on September 11, 2015. According to Ms. Williams, little Prince got so seriously burnt that both his arms got stuck to his body.

“He can’t even raise his hands, like normal kids do,” Ms. Williams, who is a caregiver and a humanitarian, added.

As for 16-year-old Hawa Chuku Kolleh from Geeghbahn District, Grand Bassa County, a 22-year- old man, only identified as Abraham, slipped under her bed at night and poured sulfuric acid on her face, which led to her face being badly disfigured. According to reports, although married to one of Hawa’s eldest sisters, he had proposed marriage to Hawa to be his second wife. Her constant refusal infuriated him. He is presently in jail in Gbatala, Bong County, because the incident took place in an area of Grand Bassa that has to be accessed from the Bong County side.

Ms. Williams intimated that Abraham might be released from jail because Bong County authorities don’t have the legal rights to keep him in prison because ever since the incident occurred on August 11, 2015 the authorities in Grand Bassa have not attempted to take him into their custody.

Hawa, who along with young Prince is now undergoing treatment at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children
in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is an orphan who lost both parents to the deadly Ebola virus disease in 2014. She is the last of 13 children.
Ms. Williams, thanking those who helped her send the children to the U.S., paid special tribute to Sen. Weah, who, when he heard about the children’s shocking conditions, handed an initial purse of US$500 and further raised more funds for Ms. Bennetta Naa Massaquoi, one of Healthpage staffers, to escort Hawa and Prince to Boston.
“Senator Weah felt the need to help a child from West Point as he, too, had his upbringing in Clara Town, also a slum community,” she added.
She said she was thanking Mr. Weah because she had sent out an SOS call to some well-to-do Grand Bassa County citizens, including lawmakers and the Liberian government, but they are yet to show any interest in the wellbeing of these destitute children.
As a part of her appreciation, she presented Weah with a certificate of appreciation from her organization.
Ms. Williams, who is in her 60s, also showered praises on a lady she only described as “angel.”
“Upon seeing the condition of little Prince, this young lady reached into her purse and paid for his plane ticket. She has asked me not to mention her name,” Ms. Williams said.
She also thanked District Commissioner John G. Tarr, who was instrumental in getting the alleged perpetrator of the crime against Hawa locked up in prison, and bringing her situation to the limelight.
Ms. Williams, who over the last several years has taken many Liberian children abroad for advanced medical treatment at her own expense, also appreciated Reverends Emile Sampeal, Lott Carey Mission, and Trokon Langford of Effort Baptist Church, for helping with part of the ticket fare for the escort.
She also thanked the Passport Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for speeding up the issuance of the children’s passports and the authorities at the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization for giving the exit clearance.

“I can’t leave out Dr. Jallah’s Hope for Women International Hospital, which dressed the little boy’s wounds and the L’Alphie Travel Agency for accepting the children’s ticket fares in piece meal,” she said.

She also thanked Mr. Samuel T. Slewion, Chairman, Social Work Department, United Methodist University for putting her in contact with Ms. Louise Jefferey, who is hosting Bennetta and Hawa and Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sartee, who are hosting little Prince for the duration of their treatment in the U.S.

Ms. Williams thanked Ms. Spencer M. Gale of Seven Hills Global Outreach International and one Alphonso of One Liberia for their assistance.

She paid special appreciation to her Healthpage Britain coordinator, Ms. Lena Thomas Marshall, for being in constant contact with all those abroad who had offered to help.

She also thanked Brother Daniel T. Armeni and the Effort Baptist Church family for their support.


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