Caregiver Gives Updates on 2 Sick Kids


Two Liberian children, who were sent to the US for advanced medical treatment, are said to be responding positively to the care of specialists.

This was disclosed by Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams, Healthpage Liberia Executive Director, who helped fly 16-year-old Hawa Chuku Kolleh from Geeghbahn District, Grand Bassa County and four-year old Prince J. Tweh from the impoverished slum community of West Point, to the US.

Prince fell into a pot of boiled water on September 11, 2015. According to Ms. Williams, he was so severely burnt that both his arms became stuck to his body.

“He can’t even raise his hands like normal kids,” Ms. Williams, who is a caregiver and a humanitarian,” had told our Health Desk a few weeks ago.

As for Hawa, a 22-year- old man, identified as Abraham, slipped under her bed one night and as she slept, he poured sulfuric acid on her face, leaving her face badly disfigured. According to reports, although he was married to one of Hawa’s eldest sisters, Abraham had proposed marriage to Hawa to become his second wife. Her constant refusal infuriated him. He is presently in jail in Gbatala, Bong County because where the incident took place in Grand Bassa has to be accessed from the Bong County side.

“When Prince arrived in the US, he was admitted and then released on 10th May. Then he was readmitted to the Shrinners on the 12th, and then had a Skin Graph on the 13th with skin taken from his right inner leg to cover his chest. He was again released on the 14th from the hospital,” Ms. Williams reported.

Meanwile Hawa was seen by an eye doctor upon arrival. The teenager is presently having problems with her left eye but will be admitted to the Shrinners Hospital on May 25 for more advanced medical procedures

“She is so happy and Prince is having a ball. When he got to the Recovery Room and was asked what he wanted to eat he said he wanted ice cream and cake. So when they said he could not have cake and asked what he would like instead, he responded, chicken. You go my boy, from West Point to Boston,” Ms. Williams said smiling about the youngster’s good nature.

She thanked the Georgia Patten United Methodist Church located on UN Drive, Waterside for their kindness.


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