Cancer-eye Child Dies


One-year-old Michael Flomo’s mother, who had been fighting to save the life of her eye son, couldn’t hide her emotion when her little boy finally gave up the ghost. She wept uncontrollably for her boy, who had gone through so much pain. 

Hawa Flomo had clung to her son even when doctors and medical facilities had dashed all hopes about his recovery and that he was going to die in a matter of few days.

She had been reportedly advised to leave her son in the medical facility to die because the stage-four cancer, which had affected his left eye, had already spread to most parts of his head. 19-year-old Hawa refused and depended on hope that the dreaded thing would not happen as people had said.

Nevertheless, it did happen last Friday, May 2, and Michael was buried the next day.

Baby Gabriel had phase four cancer, which invaded his entire body, leaving visible signs of swollen lymph nodes in his head, neck and left leg.

He spends the better half of the day crying from pain that could no longer be soothed through any form of medicine.

The cancerous mass on the left side of his face, which placed little Gabriel on the front pages of almost every newspaper in Liberia, became infected and further deformed his face.

Even as maggots and a green colored residue developed in the mass, causing a stench and more excruciating pain for the little child, his mother still stuck to him.

“Little Gabriel suffered a kind of slow death that no child should have to suffer,” Ms. Charlesetta N. Williams, Health Page-Liberia chief executive officer told the Observer.

Health Page Liberia caters for sick kids and most times flies them out of Liberia in order to seek better medical attention abroad.

Few weeks ago, Ms. Williams and Hawa had taken little Gabriel to the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, where scanning for cancer is routinely done.

After spending two weeks at Tappita Hospital, baby Gabriel who left Monrovia with a reasonable weight and a promising smile, returned looking underweight and with more signs of cancerous tumors. He eventually succumbed to the cold hand of death.

The Health Page CEO, who had been fully been involved trying to restore to Gabriel’s health, told the Daily Observer, “I am grateful to his mother, for her care and to Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah of Hope for Women International, who did all she could to extend his life and rendered such great help."

She stated that if it was not late with Dr. Jallah's expertise, little Gabriel would have recovered but when she (Dr. Jallah) saw the child, the disease had already finished with him.

Ms. Williams thanked the Cancer Society of Liberia through Dr. Jallah, Dr. Bartum Kulah, MD, Atlanta Georgia, USA, Dr. Paul King, visiting Surgeon to the Tappita Hospital. She also extended special thanks to the Lebanese Ambassador, and all everyone, who did all they could for him, little Gabriel.

The Daily Observer Family offers our deepest sympathies to Gabriel’s mother Hawa Flomo, and the rest of his family.

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret—you return to the beauty you have always been.”

-Aberjhani, taken from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black.

 Other Kids Who Need Help

Six-year-old Eldington Eddieboy Varh, a very badly burned toddler, finally departed Liberia for the
Shriner’s Hospital for Children with an Escort after five cancellations due to no ticket, Ms. Williams said.

“He commenced his surgery of his lips a week later and is doing well.  I am sure he will return soon with a great face,” she said smiling.

Phillip Zinnah, Jr., another child, who has a penis  problem, is presently doing well and awaiting his trip for his reconstruction of his penis head soon.  “We are still searching for hospitals for same.  We are ever grateful to Dr. Lawrence Sherman, who made the correction from a surgery in Duside and he is living with it,” Ms. William stated.

“We also owe special thanks to Ms. Robtel N. Pailey who brought the story to me via email, and all of the wonderful ladies that made donations, especially to Ms. Best Garlo of Liberia Radio, USA.


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