Boy, 11, Needs Your Help


Several months ago in the Jamaica Road Community, Enoch Moses awoke from a peaceful night’s rest to irritation in his left eye, unaware that he would have to battle a painful eye condition for the next six months, leading to an SOS call.

Enoch’s mother took him to Cooper Clinic Hospital, 12th Street, Sinkor, to find out what was causing her son’s red eye.

“He woke up saying his eye was swollen up, so I carried him to the hospital. The people gave him medicine that helped the eye to go back inside,” Beatrice Johns tearfully remembers.

According to the distressed mother, a practitioner issued eye drops that helped the child’s eye to be restored to its normal size and condition. But ‘things fell apart’ for the family when the medicine ran out, and there was no money to buy more.

“The problem is I don’t have money to continue the treatment. And that’s what caused my child’s eye to grow like this,” she disclosed.

It has been six months now, Enoch has had to cope with the growth that has deformed his left eye and the left side of his face. With three huge masses located on his left cheekbone, and two visible kola nut-sized ones near his eye, the child is clearly in a lot of pain.

“My son feels so much pain, and for 6 months, I have not been doing anything to get him help because I don’t have money nor know what to do,” Beatrice cried.

Enoch expressed his feelings about his health to the Daily Observer:

“The water is always running from my eye; I can still see clearly with it (eye), but it hurts badly.  I just want someone to help my ma help me, that’s all,” he added as he wiped the eye with his long-sleeved shirt.

An estimated US$200 is needed for the child to be screened and tested to rule out cancer as the cause of the growth at the International Hope for Women, a private hospital located in Paynesville.

Anyone having the ability to assist this child to live a normal life, a life he was once used to, please contact the Daily Observer at 0777-889-870/0886- 631-025.


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