AFL Soldier’s Son Nearing Death after Caustic Soda Drink


The 3-year-old son of Private First Class Morris D. Sagno is nearing death, owing to a failed esophageal dilation and in desperate need “corrective surgery” to live.
The dying lad, Abbas M. Sagno, his twin brother and parents are living at Camp Sande Ware, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Training Camp in Careyburg, outside Monrovia.
He drank caustic soda accidentally on the 21st of December, according to his weeping mother.
PFC Sagno’s wife, Angeline Morris Sagno, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview over the weekend, that her son sustained a damaged esophagus from the caustic soda, which prevents him from eating and drink through his mouth; he takes in food by tubes through his stomach.
She said sometimes when the child goes to sleep or when he plays, the tube is mistakenly removed.
Madam Morris explained that the frequent removal of the tube is dangerous to the survival of the child.
She pointed out that when air enters the intestines of the child he risks a complication or death, according to the Doctor’s advice.
According to the child’s medical report from Firestone Health Services, a copy of which is in this paper’s possession, a feeding gastronomy tube (mini one button 14f x 1.7cm) was placed in Abbas on the 30th of January after several failed esophageal dilation.
The report dated May 31, 2014 under the signature of the attending physician, Dr. Ian B. Pabs-Garnon (medical doctor) stated that on examination he (Abbas) experienced mild painful distress with an ulcerated mouth.
“He will benefit from corrective surgery,” the report said.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Morris is appealing to the Liberian government through Defense Minister Brownell Samukai, social workers and to non-governmental organizations to come to the aid of her son.
“Oh-h-h…God…., I beg your O-h-h-h-h….my son is dying…..he needs operation out of the country…..,” Mrs. Morris sobbed. In one of the pictures given to the Daily Observer, she can be seen feeding her son through the tube attached to his stomach.
Anybody wanting to help save the life of Officer Sagno’s son please contact (00231) 886 601 975; (00231) 776 991 437; or (00231) 886 631 025.


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