ACRES Clinic Gives Free Medical Services to Millsburg Residents

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Since its establishment in 2013, the Alfred and Collinette Raynes Everybody Served (ACRES) Community Clinic, in less than three years, has rendered free clinical services to over 25,000 patients in Millsburg and its surrounding communities, its co-founder Joyce Kumba Raynes Ogunti has disclosed.

Madam Ogunti, who spoke to the Daily Observer yesterday at her Gardnersville residence, said the objective of the ACRES community clinic is to help residents with good medical care, especially those who cannot afford the cost at private and government clinics.

In 2013, “My husband Vahplahn Zeegar-Holman and I established the clinic in Millsburg for the residents because there was no clinic since the 1980s and they have been suffering, although there is a clinic in Arthington.”

“We are helping our people who cannot help themselves and we are grateful to God to be able to provide such services to them,” Madam Ogunti said.

She explained that because of the long distance to get to Arthington Health Clinic from Millsburg, she acted on a promise made to her mother, the late Collinette Raynes,that she would not forget about helping the Millsburg community if God blessed her.

“That’s how ACRES Clinic came into being,” Madam Ogunti said. “We offer free services at the clinic, and the staff members are doing a tremendous work in serving the people of Millsburg.”

The ACRES founder also promised to expand her facility to become one of the best in the area to serve many Liberians who are not able to help themselves.

And to be able to do that she said, “I want a partnership with the Liberian government to train my local staff members whenever there is an opportunity so that we can be more effective in helping our people.”

Some of the services rendered at ACRES are treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), diarrhoea, cholera, malaria and prenatal care.

ACRES Community Clinic is currently the only private clinic in the area that is providing free medical services to over 10,000 inhabitants.

Madam Ogunti, a professional nurse, resides in Chicago, USA, and is a daughter of Millsburg.


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