Kingdom Care Medical team administers treatment to a child in Bomboma Town

Over 2,600 residents of 18 communities in Bopulu District, Gbarpolu County recently benefited from a week of free healthcare services sponsored by the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and the Tomlinson Geophysical Services (TGS).

The medical services were carried out by a team from the Kingdom Care Medical Center Mobile Clinic located on Duport road in Monrovia.

The communities served included Daniel Farm, Kennedy, Kissi, Kamas, David’s, and Gbarma towns and Compounsu Junction.

Others were Henry, Sabamas, Darrisly, Dulula, Yalayema, Madina Junction and Bomboma towns.

During the visit to Bomboma Town, the residents were delighted and overwhelmed by the presence of nurses and doctors and gave the team a traditional welcome.

Bomboma Town Chief Vanie Dannah said his people were pleased with the opportunity to have access to free medical services for the first time. “Many times in this our town it is difficult for our wives and children to get adequate healthcare,” he explained.

“We are very grateful to you for choosing our district for the free healthcare delivery service,” Chief Dannah said, adding that because there is no clinic they have to travel to Bopolu City for treatment.

He introduced resident Mohammed Nye as the only medical personnel in the town that provides treatment to residents.

The head of the Kingdom Care Medical Center Mobile Clinic team, Dr. Martha Zarway said, the free healthcare delivery service is to fulfil the social corporate responsibilities of NOCAL and the TGS-NOPEC.

She added that her institution is collaborating with NOCAL to ensure that Liberians, mainly those in rural parts of the country, have access to free medical treatment.

Dr. Zarway pointed out that medical conditions such as pregnancy, anaemia, malaria, bronchopneumonia, hypertension and others were being treated at the various centers.

She also noted that patients with critical illnesses were referred to the Kingdom Care clinic in Monrovia for further treatment.

Dr. Zarway disclosed that the program started in January 2013 in rural Montserrado and Grand Bassa counties.

At the end of the weeklong free healthcare initiative, over 20 midwives in Bopolu District were trained, with several pregnant women receiving treatment and a month’s worth of medication.

The TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and was founded by a 1998 merger of TGS (Tomlinson Geophysical Services) and Caliber Geophysical Company, Inc.


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