Gov’t Assures Health Workers of Hazard Pay Benefits


The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), has assured all public health workers of its commitment to settle their hazard benefits.
The MFDP in a release yesterday, informed all beneficiaries that hazard payments of all public health workers’ hazard benefits will end as at May 31, 2015.

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning therefore reiterated that hazard payments will be made to private health workers covering four months, while death benefit payments will continue through the validation process.
The MFDP release also noted that the government will continue to make payments until all targeted beneficiaries are fully settled for nine months, which began September 2014.

Also, one-off payments are budgeted for private health facilities, to be graduated on the basis of size of the targeted facilities. The Ministry of Health is finalizing work in this regard, the released stated.
“At the conclusion of all hazard and related payments, the total cost would be US$23.1 million with approximately 11,500 persons paid.

Following the settlement of public health workers hazard payment, the government, through the Ministry of Health, will ensure the setting up of a resource centre, certification of health workers, medical and psycho-social care for responders.
The MFDP release noted that the Ministry is once more on behalf of the government commending all health workers for their “esteemed service” to humanity and the country as their devotion and the resilience of the populace resulted to the World Health Organization declaring Liberia an Ebola-free country.”


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