Girl, Raped, Names Perpetrator Before Dying


On Sunday, January 18, in the Moulton Corner Community of Brewerville, a teenage girl was raped and brutally assaulted by a man she was able to identify before she died.

The late Musu Morris, who was born on March 6, 2002 was described by relatives and friends in her community as a happy teenager. She lost her life to a man who is known in their community. 

Before anyone could know the child’s final fate, Edward Johnson, her uncle says that Ma Musu and another uncle, Emmanuel Morris were together when they last saw her.

“They both walked together to go and buy bread. But Morris says she left him on the road to return home by herself,” Johnson added.

The uncle is said to have returned home around 8pm and asked for the child, but no one knew where she was.

Fatu Morris, the wife of Emmanuel who the child lived with before her death said she witnessed Ma Musu literally crawling on both knees after the incident. With just a thread of life left in her, the injured child was able to tell her family that she had been raped.

“I saw Ma Musu well after 8-9pm crawling on the ground towards me on her knees. I thought she was joking until she started straining as if trying to cry. When she reached me, she dropped right on my lap and told me what had happened to her,” Fatu narrated.

Fatu says Ma Musu was drenched from head to toe in her own blood.

According to witnesses, Ma Musu had said, “He was huge and smoked a lot of cigarettes,” before she fell unto her aunt’s lap.

From Ma Musu’s description of the alleged perpetrator, their entire family knew who the rapist was, according to Fatu.

“Ma Musu told me a huge man raped her from up the road. She said he was wearing his underwear and a black t-shirt and smoked a lot of cigarettes when it happened. She then dropped to the ground and started releasing foam from her mouth that reached both sides of her ears,” she recalled. “I flashed my light on her and noticed in shock that all in front of her was messy. Her pants leg on one side was taken off and between her legs was badly messed up and bloody,” she said, describing the aftermath of Ma Musu’s dreadful ordeal.

Fatu says that Emmanuel with the help of others placed the dying child on the front seat of their pickup and decided to take her to the hospital. But while on route, they saw the man Ma Musu said had raped her and decided to capture him.

“Being that we know the accused man and know that he’s a security at the newly constructed houses where he stays, the children saw him and pointed him out as he tried to run away,” Fatu added.

“Emmanuel opened the car door and ran behind him, and after catching him, Emmanuel said he could feel his sweat and smell the cigarette smoke that ma Musu had described,” she added.

 “Something that ma Musu said she remembered when she crawled to the house was his smoking. While I was sitting in the front seat holding my daughter, she lifted her head up and identified the man whom my husband had caught and pointed at him as the one who raped her. That was the last word she said,” Fatu wept.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested by the community and taken to Zone 6 Base in Brewerville within an hour after the incident. The community has identified him as 49 year-old Mr. Kromah, also known as CDC Musa, who lives in the same community as the victim. He is also said to be the caretaker for the property of Wahwusu’s club owner.

Edward Johnson, who has been representing the family in the police investigation, said that upon arresting the alleged perpetrator, they were given a slip and told to take Ma Musu to the hospital.

“The night she was raped, Zone 6 Base in Brewerville arrested CDC and after finding out what had happened to ma Musu, they gave us paper and we took her to Redemption Hospital. They refused her because she was bleeding too much; we then took her back to Zone 6. The commander on shift escorted us to Faith clinic near the Hotel Africa road and they too refused us because of the bleeding situation; she was bad off,” Johnson stated’

“Ma Musu wasn’t talking again. She just sat in the front seat quiet and weak. We tried taking her to JFK, but right at the stoplight in front of the old Ministry of Health, the police at the checkpoint arrested the car. We tried to talk to the police that we wanted to take Musu to the hospital but they got aggressive and started getting violent with us,” he added.

The child was never seen by any hospital.

Meanwhile, the family of the late Ma Musu stood in protest in front of the Zone 6 Base in Brewerville Monday morning, which brought dozens of officers from other zones to the scene.

In the meantime, the body of Ma Musu lay in the back of her father’s pickup, visible for community dwellers to see.

According to the deceased’s uncle, Foday, ma Musu had two puncture wounds on each side of her larynx that they noticed the next day.

“She had two holes in her neck, one hole on each side of her larynx, and that’s what made us vex because when the police saw her, they tried to wipe the blood from her neck to close up the bleeding this morning. That’s what made us angry and has us out here protesting because the police had no reason to tamper with the crime scene,” he added.

They Wasted Our Time

Foday also stated: “while we were trying to get her to the hospital again this morning, the police stopped us at the zone and said they wanted another statement. They wasted our time. Ma Musu died right in the pickup in the parking lot of zone 6 Base,” he added.

Foday also stated that the LNP was notified of the child’s condition the night she was attacked, but no officer was sent to investigate the matter.

“In fact we called the police from the night it happened up until now and they never came and never stepped there. Before her death, Ma Musu said the man raped her and turned around and put holes in her neck,” he added.

The body of the late Ma Musu has been taken to an undisclosed hospital for testing, police reports stated.


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