Fertilizer: Storing and Handling Requirement


In Liberia, fertilizer is one of the required resources that is needed for successful crop production in a growing season. Fertilizer is most needed when a desired land area for production has some mineral nutrients shortage that desired crops to be planted will need in order for optimal growth and development. Since fertilizer plays an important role among crop-farmers in Liberia, the storage and handling of fertilizer among local farmers remain important.

Storage Space Requirement

Fertilizers storage facility should be situated far from office spaces, source of water that a community uses, and must be at a fair distance away from neighborhoods. Additionally, there should be no edible products kept within a fertilizer storage facility.

Fertilizer storage space must be well enclosed, clean and moderately ventilated since there is no means of mechanical ventilation in Liberia.

Enclosed: Fertilizer storage facility must be roofed in order to prevent rainwater and direct sunlight.

Clean: Storage facility is advisable to be clean at all times as this will help farmers recover spills and reduce the chance of contaminated fertilizers. The flow of the storage facility must be cleaned after fertilizer is taken out.

Ventilated:  Fertilizer storage facility must be well ventilated in order to dispel heat.

Stacking of Fertilizer Bags

Fertilizer should be stored on a dry and smooth surface. Generally, pallets are used to keep fertilizer bags off the ground.

When stacking fertilizer bags, make sure that the bags are one-meter away from wall and bags must be carefully stacked to prevent falling. Do not keep fertilizers that are incompatible in close contact or on the same pallet.

Handling of Damaged Bag

It is advisable that damaged fertilizer bags should be re-bagged and re-bagged fertilizer must be used as soon as possible.

Experts also caution that frequent use of the hands to handle fertilizers result to “thin palms.” It is therefore recommended that one should thoroughly wash hands after fertilizers are applied.


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