More Stink Garbage Swallows UN Drive, Rally Time Market


With practically no end in sight, more offensive  mountains of garbage continue  to swallow the Rally Time Market on United Nations Drive in central Monrovia.

The garbage stockpile is the sanctuary of millions of flies spreading, many of which hover over cooked food prepared for marketers to eat, as well as other food commodities, including fish, meat and vegetables for sale in the market.

Small businesspeople, mainly women and elderly men, are exposed to the offensive odors and water as well as air borne diseases from the rotten garbage.

Accordingly, the protracted sanitation crisis in the slum community has remained unattended and unaddressed over many years in Monrovia and its environs.

Health workers have repeatedly pointed out that the numerous dumpsites are potential sanctuaries of mosquito breeding areas and home to some of the most deadly wild spiders and scorpions.

Health workers and concerned environmentalists have consistently called on the Municipal Governments of Monrovia and Paynesville to ensure the sustained collection and disposal garbage in all parts of greater Monrovia.

On many occasions, several health institutions have presented grim and gloomy statistics of the medical conditions of Liberians, owing to their exposure to the unsanitary and unhygienic sites in Monrovia.

Besides, the health workers pointed out that several of the dumpsites are situated in densely populated communities that are vulnerable to the multiple air and water borne diseases as well as the deadly Ebola virus. 

The weak and dysfunctional  health system has caused  treatable diseases to go largely unattended, making Liberians and foreign residents in Monrovia continually vulnerable to the common but menacing malaria, fever and typhoid.

 In separate comments, several of the health workers and ordinary Liberians called for the sustained collection and disposal of the garbage stench in Monrovia and its environs.

They further stressed the need for the change of strategies and approaches in the overall collection and disposal garbage in Monrovia and its environs.

A mini cook shop operator,  Mrs. Hawa K. Francis, 54, pointed out that in order for the sanitation companies and support partners to succeed in the Urban Waste Management Projects, must make the collection and disposal of dirt sustained.

Mrs. Francis, speaking from her at the Rally Time Market cook shop, noted that the collection and disposal of Monrovia’s dirt must be the collective responsibility of Liberians including the business community.

Businessman Beyan G. Wolobah, 45, who sells used clothes at the Rally Time Market, expressed disappointment over the poor sanitary strategies in the collection and disposal of the dirt from Monrovia and its environs.

Businessman Wolobah added that the Urban Waste Management Projects must be people-centered in terms of planning of strategies, execution and implementation.

For her part, a wholesale and retail seller of bitter balls and pepper at the Rally Time Market underscored the need for small persons to be active partakers in the collection and disposal of garbage in all parts of Monrovia and its environs.

Businesswoman Pauline Bolton Sandy, 48, said there should be a practical change and design in the overall collection and disposal of Monrovia garbage.

“Let all us sit at one table and discuss practical strategies that will enhance the sustained collection and disposal of Monrovia’s stockpiles of garbage,” Mrs. Sandy concluded.


  1. Most importantly, the road leading to the DUMPSITE must be upgraded. That roadway is deplorable. It deters many truck drivers from “THE DUMPSITE”;for fear that they may get STUCK. There are no shortages of private GARBAGE hauling contractors in Monrovia. Fix the ROADWAY. That will be a good first start to solving Monrovia’s Garbage Problem. Trucks drivers want to enter and leave the DUMPSITE with EASE.


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