Health Crisis Looms in Filthy Fishing Communities in Cape Mount


It is highly probable that children and adults in fishing communities, including Fanti and Kru Towns in Grand Cape Mount County will encounter illness as a result of filthiness of those communities.

During a visit to the county recently, the Daily Observer’s Fish Industry reporter saw that the communities are surrounded with piles of garbage, which have not been cleared for the past several months.

He also said fetid odor filled the air in these communities, where businesswomen from Monrovia and others areas go to buy fish that are sold on markets in Monrovia and other areas.

He also added that the odor can be inhaled far beyond those communities.

Our reporter said that hundreds of children and about 500 fishermen and women live in the affected communities, and as a result of the sanitation crisis, it is possible that diarrhea, cholera and skin diseases can easily spread among them.

Children and young adults in the communities were seen bathing in waters surrounding the communities. Those waters can be seen from the surface to be highly polluted, which is very risky for their health.

During a 30-minute tour in the settlements over the weekend, the communities mainly occupied by fishermen and their families mainly from Ghana and few Liberian familes, are covered with many mosquito breeding areas.

Most of the residents told the Observer that they do not have mosquito nets to prevent them from insect’s bite, which leads to malaria.

Importantly, it was observed that in both fishing communities in Robertsport City, there is no proper leadership to address the grave sanitation crisis.

Also, our reporter observed that there are no health and educational facilities, thereby denying residents of healthcare and education.

School-going kids have to walk several miles everyday to come to their schools in central Robertsport.

These communities lack basic necessities such as water facility and latrine, and residents rely on the grown bush and the back view of the stock piled of garbage to defecate.


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