Drainage Problem Hits Old Road Junction


The junction connecting Old-Road and Tubman Boulevard, near President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s residence, was flooded in a downpour of rain Tuesday, June 10, resulting in a traffic impediment and leaving businesses out of service for the entire day. The only car wash in the area, a US$80,000 facility built at the very junction was also overwhelmed by the flood.  The carwash is also situated on the bank of a swamp that runs under that portion of Tubman Boulevard and covers a wide area adjacent to the President’s home.  

Traffic was backed up from the Old Road Junction all the way to 9th Street, at a standstill for several hours Tuesday evening, as the water slowly receded.

Area residents and businesses, including commercial and private vehicle owners, expressed concern over the difficult situation in the area, suggesting it was due to the building of a car wash.


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