WCE Program Launched

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As part of efforts to reduce the high rate of computer Illiteracy in the country, the World Computer Exchange (WCE) has officially launched its computer learning program in Monrovia.

At the launch recently, WCE- Liberia Associate and Executive Director of IEARN-Liberia, Leroy McDyiah Beldeh, said he was prompted to bring the WCE program to Liberia to help provide a platform for Liberians to learn basic computer skills from 4th to the 12thgrade.

Mr. Beldeh said the computers under the program are pre-loaded with educational programs, including mathematics, science, agriculture, and technology.

Liberia, he said, has more to do in training students in computer programs, especially in the area of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

He added that the WCE program will be decentralized to enable those in the rural areas have access to computer education.

Mr. Beldeh disclosed that the World Computer Exchange has a mission to reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries using its global network of partnership to enhance communities across the world.

It also focuses on promoting the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner, he said.

He encouraged Liberian youth to take up the challenge and also called on school administrators to work together by ensuring that their schools get easy access to computer technology to prepare the students for future challenges.

“We are prepared to set up a computer lab in every school that will give us space; we will bring in our own computers so we can strengthen the knowledge of children at a minimum price because our program is strictly not for business. We are targeting schools, universities, educational NGOs and other non-profit groups,” the WCE Associate explained.

He mentioned that the WCE program does capacity building, low-cost computers, content development, training tips, and computers for girls and local e-waste solutions.

The WCE is a 15 year-old organization. Its first consignment of computers is expected to arrive in the country by December where two schools are already being selected to launch the pilot project.

All the computers coming to Liberia under the WCE programs have the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program.

At the same time, the Director for Teacher Education at the Ministry of Education, J. Othello Gegeh thanked WCE associate for coming up with programs that will empower the young people through technology.

Mr. Gegeh said computer technology is a major challenge for Liberians, because going to a computer school is costly.

He said with the coming of the WCE programs in the country, students will be expected to get better knowledge in computer training.

He meanwhile pledged his ministry’s commitment to work with the WCE to strengthen computer literacy in schools.


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