VP Boakai Calls on Students to be ‘Excellent in Scholarship’


Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has emphasized that excellence in scholarship and character is about embracing education with devotion, focus, tenacity , the strong desire to learn and refusing to accept mediocrity and instead pushing oneself to go beyond your best.

The Vice President said excellence in scholarship means rejecting fraud like plagiarism, bribes and cheating for grades, but rather it is about preparing oneself ahead of class and putting your time into good use as a student.

Vice President Boakai was speaking Tuesday on the campus of the University of Liberia when he delivered the keynote address at the Third Annual Induction Ceremony of the Lux in Tenebris Honors scholars program.

He noted further that excellence in scholarship and character go beyond reciting empty, spewing high phrases and meaningless rhetoric of palaver hut politics, saying it is much more than the unbridled militancy, rather excellence in scholarship is also about providing the means to assist students in pursuing higher education by contributing to unmet expenses of tuition, laboratory fees, room, board and books.

“Scholarship is earned and not received on a silver platter”, the Vice President warned adding, I note with great delight that inclusion in this scholars program is the ideal of providing opportunities for honors students to develop research and effective communications skills.

Vice President Boakai pointed out that “we have on our hands a segment of our youthful population that appears to be struggling with such societal vices as laziness, dependency and the tendency to amass wealth without making any sincere effort or work”, while on the other hand the country is producing some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable youths particularly those who decide to put their minds to use.

He stressed that if the youth must contribute as real catalysts in our quest for socio-economic and intellectual advancement, they must embrace education.


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