US$250,000 School Project dedicated in Bassa


A newly constructed School building worth over US$250,000 was recently dedicated in the Port City of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County.

The New School Project was constructed by the Pillar of Fire Church with support from the School’s International Board in the United States of America and funding from other donors.

The Pillar of Fire Church international was founded 1960 by an American Citizen Alma White, and was later established in Liberia in the 1970s in Rivercess County.

The School was established in Liberia to help provide quality education to Liberian Students and also help build up their Christian live.
The new School, is anticipated is to serve 600 students in and around Buchanan City.

Speaking at the dedicatory ceremony, Rev. Luther Tarpeh, Pillar of Fire Field director accredited to Liberia said, the project began early 2010.

He said the project was undertaken to give quality education and create a good learning environment.

“We have constructed this building to help our children learn better. We also want them have integrity as students because with integrity, they are able to make sound decisions.

This institution is committed to giving Christian education for the Children of Liberia.

This project is very important because our first school Campus was a little small for our student, that was why we constructed this campus to create more space for them,” he explained.

The Filed Director said the campus will be equipped with a modern laboratory, Computer Lab, Library, Science Laboratory amongst others.

“The students are going to love their new campus after we have full equipped it with what a modern school should look like”, he said.

On behalf of the International Board, Mr. Gordden Tinner expressed his appreciation to the school’s administration for carrying out the project as expected.

He said the completion of the project is a dream comes true for the entire board in the United States.

“We as a board are happy today that these Liberian kids can finally have a good learning environment to learn and become good Christians. We will do our best to make sure these students get all they need when it comes to education. Just as we have rallied around to provide the money for this project, we will also generate funding for equipments and other materials”, the Board Director said.

Also speaking during the ceremony, James Milton a teacher of the institution said the construction of the new school building shows a sign of relief because, of the location of the campus, students will have a good learning environment.

“Now that we have this school, our children will not be easily distracted from their lessons. This place is quite and it is also far away from the road. If a library is constructed here, students can be able to read without distractions”, he said.

Isaiah Kokoe a student of the 11th grade class also expressed his satisfaction over the completion of the school building.

He said the new campus has served as a motivation for him as a student.

“I like the new school building because it is big and the environment is also quite. That will help us understand our teachers better.

This place is better than our first campus inters of space facilities. I am saying this because; here we have a modern toilet, running water and electricity.

Here we will not pollute the campus now that we have toilet and other facilities and I know our people have more in stuck to offer.

I want to say thanks to all those who donated towards this project. I also want to say thank you to our principal for his hard work if not for him, this building would not have been completed today,” student Isaiah joyously said.


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