US-Based NGO Distributes Education Materials

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A  United States based non-governmental organization, Liberia Project Education (LPE), on Monday, December 30, 2013, distributed educational materials and gifts to the J.J. Roberts Memorial United Methodist Elementary School in Siafa-Keh Town, Garwulah District, in Grand Cape Mount County.

A three-person high-powered LPE delegation currently visiting Liberia from the USA gave one Korean-made 3.5KVA ASTRA generator, copybooks, book bags, pencils, plastic erasers, and other assorted stationary. They also gave sporting materials including foot-balls and a set of jerseys to the school.

The presentation ceremony was attended by chiefs, elders, citizens, and parents. The head of the LPE delegation was Ms Madea Neyor, daughter of the former president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Oil Company of Liberia, Christopher Z. Neyor.

In a statement, Ms Neyor said the donated items were aimed at inspiring the students to remain committed to their pursuit of quality education.

According to Ms. Neyor, education is not only a power of mental enlightenment, but also a gateway to better future. It is for these reasons Liberian students should strive for its attainment, with the sky being their limit.

“We have come to present these items to inspire you and help you focus on your lessons,” she told the students.

Other members of the LPE included American twin brothers, Blake Brown and Ryan Brown, who in separate remarks reiterated the importance of education.

Both of them called on Liberian students to place a premium on acquiring knowledge, which would enable them to contribute effectively to the development of the country.

Mr. Christopher Neyor, an energy engineer and former advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on energy matters, cautioned the students to never to downplay education. “I was just like you. Where you are today; I was also there; trying to gain education as a child in primary school. I came from a poor background and I walked around three miles daily to get to the school in my village. It is hard work and determination, backed by a sense of discipline that got me where I am today. You can be like me if you do the same,” said Neyor.

“God has a plan for all of you. Education will enable you to serve your country and improve the wellbeing of yourself, your community, and the larger society,” Neyor declared.

Mr. Neyor used the occasion to call on Liberians to subscribe to the virtues of caring and sharing with others, especially, the needy, physically challenged, the distressed and the hopeless, saying “there is more happiness and blessing in giving.”

Neyor, a devoted Methodist, added: “I am a Christian. As a child, I was brought up in a Christian home; my father was a Methodist Pastor who devoted his time and energy to the work of the church for 55 years, which shows love and care for others. So, loving God means, we must impact the lives of others by loving and serving them.”

In his statement, on behalf of the Bishop of the UMC-Liberia, Dr. John G. Innis, the Acting Pastor of the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) o-n Ashmun Street, in Monrovia, Rev. Julius Y.Z.K. Williams I, lauded members of the LPE delegation that traveled to Liberia from faraway in the USA to present the education supplies and gifts to the students and the Methodist-owned academic institution.

He said the construction of the J.J. Roberts Memorial United Methodist Elementary School in Siafa Keh Town in the Garwula District of Grand Cape Mount, was in response to a formal request to the FUMC by leaders and citizens of the town.

He invoked God’s bountiful blessings on members of the LPE as well as Mr. Christopher Neyor, who he said, has been one of the principal sources of support to the school.

The principal of the school, Milton B. Dunbar, also praised the Neyor family, saying “We continue to experience the generosity of the Neyor family and the UMC of Liberia.

Elders of the town as well as the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) of the institution also expressed joy for the donation, which they said came at the right time.

About LPE

Liberia Education Project is based in the USA. It believes that education is the key to unlock the potential of our young people, which is in short supply in Liberia; especially, for disadvantaged young boys and girls in the towns and villages of rural Liberia who have no hope of ever stepping foot into a classroom.

Therefore, as Christians, members of the organization gathered themselves together to establish and provide quality and affordable education to needy children and adults in Liberia.

During the past year, the organization has gathered school supplies and shipped three barrels to Liberia with the help of several churches and schools here in the USA. Students of three selected schools in three different counties will benefit from these supplies.

The LPE’s next step is to work together to provide the life changing education to the needy and forgotten children in the villages and street corners of Liberia. The Liberia Education Project, Inc. seeks support and funding to accomplish school construction and renovation, provide educational materials/supplies to needy schools and students and seeks funding for scholarship opportunities for deserving students and teachers.


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