UL Puts ‘Security Measures’ in Place


To successfully administer this year’s University of Liberia (UL) entrance placement examinations free of fraud, the administration has with immediate effect, begun putting in place several “security measures.”  

UL Acting Provost and Vice President for Institutional Development, Dr. Walter T. Wiles, made the disclosure Tuesday, May 27, at his office in an interview with reporters.

As part of the security measures, Dr. Wiles said, the UL Administration is conducting workshops for examiners and proctors. The examiners and proctors are mainly people selected from among the lists of UL’s professors and or instructors. Some of the topics being considered at the workshops are roles and responsibilities of examiners and proctors, and professional ethics in testing and evaluation.

According to Dr. Wiles, the first of a series of tests will be administered on May 31 to about 720 post-graduate applicants, excluding those candidates in such professional areas as the A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine and the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.  

On June 7, the second entrance exams will be administered to the nearly 14,000 undergraduate applicants at centers in 10 of the 15 counties.

The workshops are being conducted under the auspices of the UL Center for Testing and Evaluation, which is being directly supervised by a female legal practitioner, Attorney Vulate J. Hage, who heads the center.

Hage told the Daily Observer that the facilitators are teaching examiners and proctors the examination procedures. The exercise, she said, is to ensure uniformity in administering the exams, where the examiners would also ensure that arrangements leading to the May 31 and June 7 entrance dates remained on course.

“The examination rooms must be set up the day before the exam. This is why the chief examiners are being advised to visit their respective assigned exam centers a day [before] the test; to meet with relevant authorities concerning the number of seats, seating arrangements and to be familiar with their locations and assigned rooms,” Atty. Hage emphasized.

“Every registered candidate is being assigned an examination number, because the chief examiners will have to receive all numbers for their exam centers, and will distribute them to examiners to be affixed to candidates’ seats a day before the exam.”

According to Atty. Hage, all numbers must be on the desks before candidates are admitted to the room.

All chief examiners and or examiners and proctors must be at their assigned exam centers as early as 8’oclock a.m. to further ensure that no candidate enter the room until examination staff is ready.

Another security measure is that every candidate will have to present the original UL receipt before being allowed to enter the exam center.

Accordingly, the receipt contains the candidate’s name and examination number. The examination center and room wherein the exam is being administered are located at the back of the receipt.

The UL Administration has declared that “Absolutely no candidate will be allowed to write the exam without a receipt. In addition, “no candidate will be allowed to carry any electronic gadgets such as cell phones to any of the centers.” 


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