UL Provides Details on Student Failure

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Authorities at the state-owned University of Liberia (UL) have confirmed that results released by the Faculty Senate of the 2014 entrance and placement exams are being ‘approved’ by the administration.

The exams were administered to nearly 15,000 candidates who represented a cross-section of Liberian schools. The detailed  report indicates that 14,885 candidates from 362 high schools and vocational institutions across the country sat for the exams with more than 12,500 coming from Montserrado County alone. The record also shows that only 307 female and 1,093 male candidates passed on a provisional basis.

The results, accordingly, were approved recently after several hours of discussions a few weeks ago.

The UL entrance and placement examination was conducted by the Testing and Evaluation Department in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the institution, the president, Prof. Dr. Emmet A. Dennis said.

According to him, 16 candidates made a successful pass in both Mathematics and English where the candidates were able to meet the bench mark of 50 and 70 percent, respectively,  in the subjects.

However, more than 1,360 candidates will be admitted on a provisional basis, because they scored 50 percent or 70 percent in one of the subjects, but could not meet the bench mark in both subjects, Math and Science.

Similarly, the result also shows that 108 candidates passed in the Graduate Record Exams otherwise referred to as GMAT. This was also administered in June last year. The statistics indicate that 87 males and 21 females passed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dennis has commended members of the Faculty Senate and the Testing and Evaluation Committee for their remarkable performances in spite of the university’s temporary closure for the Ebola outbreak.

The UL Administration will stand by the results, he declared,  adding, “The UL was publishing the entrance results ahead of the resumption of academic activities  to enable successful candidates to prepare in time to enter their respective programs.”

For the his part, UL Acting vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. S. Momolu Getaweh, expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the nearly 15, 000 applicants who wrote the tests.

He observed that most of the young people who want to seek higher education do not strive for their desired goals. He therefore urged them  to strive to do better, “because the future is not promised for people who are not adequately prepared for it.”

Dr. Getaweh then admonished successful candidates that are certain of entering the university to work even harder, because the UL is for those who are academically prepared to take up the challenges.


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