Tubman Uni. Searches for New President

TU’s outgoing prezy, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell_web.jpg

Following the recent appointment of Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Education Minister-designate, a search has commenced for a person that will replace her as president of the Tubman University (TU) in Maryland County, Southeastern Liberia.

It is expected of the person to replace Dr. Russell to have at least minimum academic qualifications of a terminal degree from an accredited university with five years of progressively responsible-leadership knowledge as an administrator at an institution of higher education.

This includes, but not limited to experience as a president or vice president of higher institution of learning.

Henceforth, a statement from the TU Presidential Search Committee has warned that qualified individuals will have also worked directly with the Chief Executive Officer on university priorities or initiatives.

That person, the statement continues, must equally have a demonstrated record of obtaining resources for the institution that must have verified sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of university students and employees.

TU’s Background

The William V.S Tubman University otherwise known as TU is located in Southeastern Liberia, specifically in Harper City, Maryland County. It was created by an Act of the National Legislature, which was signed into law by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on September 14, 2009.

TU opened its doors on the same day with an enrollment of 287 ‘eager’ students yearning to take advantage of the opportunity to advance themselves. This is the only institution offering a full four-year degree program within Southeastern Liberia. The university currently has an enrollment of 807 regular students, and 289 in its Access to College Program, with 84 percent of its student population from southeast Liberia.

Under the outgoing leadership of its president, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, TU quickly crafted its identity, and manner of operating, thereby defining its mission and vision statements, core values, and principles of operations.

With its motto: “Transforming for Worthy Service,” TU’s mission is to provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy for which the university aspires to do so with quality excellence.


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