Students Urged to Seek Adequate Knowledge

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The deputy director for Administration at the General Services Agency (GSA) has urged Liberian students to press forward to acquire requisite knowledge and skills in all fields of study.

Former Lofa County Superintendent, Galakpai W. Kortimai made the assertion on Friday, May 30, when he served as guest speaker at the ceremony that marked the 19th gala anniversary of New Hope Academy (NHA) School, located in Jacob Town, Paynesville outside Monrovia.

On the theme, “The Importance of Education,” Director Kortimai informed that students that education is the process through which knowledge or skills are acquired—be it formal or informal.

“Globally today,” Mr. Kortimai told the students that “education is the bed rock of any given society or country, and the development of every nation also depends on the level of the population that acquires the necessary knowledge.

According to him, Liberia depends on each one of the student’s preparedness to take the country to another level of development. Therefore, he admonished them to continue pressing forward relentlessly in the academic pursuit.

He recalled how Liberia is now among the least countries in Africa, especially in terms of under development, “because we did not take education seriously in those days as we are doing at present.”

In the past, he continues that parents used to prioritize sending their boys children to school, than girls because they (parents) were of the conviction that when a boy is educated, the parents tend to benefit.

That trend, he said, has changed because education nowadays is for both male and female, adding that it is because of education that more women are competing with their male counterparts.

Me. Kortimai then expressed gratitude to the Administration of the New Hope Academy for their involvement with the molding of the minds of Liberian youths.


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