Students Urged to Pursue IT Degrees


Dr. Michael P. Slawon, Director General of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), has encouraged students to pursue higher education in Information Technology (IT).

Dr. Slawon, addressing students on the campus of BlueCrest University College in Monrovia over the weekend, said the world is now advancing to the extent that technology has become the language of commerce.

He called on the students to take advantage of this and pursue IT education to a higher level.

Slawon added: “This is why we often travel to different parts of the world to look for universities or colleges such as BlueCrest to come to Liberia and help government to (provide) IT knowledge.”

He commended the students for their wise decision to enroll at BlueCrest to acquire degrees in the IT sector, which he said is in theirs and the country’s best interest.

Slawon said many other students have graduated with so many degrees in disciplines other than IT, but were yet to find jobs.

He challenged the students who enrolled at BlueCrest to remain focused, noting that they were on the right side of the government.

By enrolling at BlueCrest, Dr. Slawon said the students have chosen an academic career that will take them to places where they will achieve their potentials.

BlueCrest Country Manager, Rameswar Mehrotra, admonished the freshmen students to make maximum use of the knowledge the teachers have acquired to teach them at BlueCrest.


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