Students Confused Over School Opening Dates

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While students were excited yesterday to return to school, the turnout at some of the campuses remained poor due to what some of the students described as “conflicting information” on the actual date for the resumption of academic activities.

However, with a fight to observe the February 16 mandate from the government through the Ministry of Education (MOE) as the official date for the reopening of all schools, several schools immediately opened.

Yesterday, the Daily Observer toured various school campuses in Central Monrovia and interviewed some of the administrators.

Schools visited included Monrovia College and Industrial Academy, Muslim Congress High School and G.W. Gibson High School.

At the G.W. Gibson High, the vice principal for Instruction, Paul Saydee, said over 600 students completed their registration but only 45 turned out yesterday.

Mr. Saydee, however, attributed the poor turnout of students to the conflicting date of reopening schools by the MOE and the constraints faced by many parents in addressing the academic needs of their children.

Benetta Natt, a student from G. W. Gibson, called on the government to help accommodate students leaving private institutions due to financial constraints.

She said many parents were finding it difficult to settle their children’s school fees, especially with private institutions, and therefore, the government should support the process by allowing students to enroll into government schools.”  

Muslim Congress Principal Zainab Assat disclosed that the school registered a poor number of students.  As a result, she said, “We had a little over 500 students prior to the outbreak, but up to date, we have registered about 300 students.”


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