Student Council Debate, Elections at Diana E. Davis High School


What promises to be an exciting debate will be held on Thursday, June 18, between two student candidates for the forthcoming Student Council elections of the Daniel E. Davis Elementary and Senior High School in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

The candidates are Ms. Jessey Sayon of the Students Alliance for Change (SAC) and Mr. Samuel S. O. Aliebe of the Students Union for Progressive Academic Change (SUPAC).

They are both 12th graders.

“I have no doubt that my fellow students will vote for me,” Ms. Sayon told the Daily Observer in an interview, recently. She said her party’s name, Students Alliance for Change, will ensure necessary changes in the school for the student population of about 900.

“This forthcoming debate will help me to explain some of the changes that I expect to bring to the school, the diminutive Jessey told the Daily Observer.

With hobbies including reading, singing and a spirit of leadership, Ms. Jessey said one of her advocacies would include encouraging fellow students to devote more time to their studies to achieve positive academic results.

SUPAC standard bearer Aliebe told the Daily Observer that unity and academic change are needed at Diana E. Davis Elementary and Senior High School.

“I will be doing exactly what the name of my party says,” Aliebe said, “I will work with the administration to ensure that students enjoy the academic year.”

A lover of sports, Aliebe loves quizzes and debates. “In all I really like quizzing and I am part of the school’s quiz team,” he said.

The elections will take place at the school’s campus on June 19, the day after the debate, and both candidates are convinced that victory is certain.

However, they both separately pledged to work with the eventual winner to ensure academic progress at the school.

A five-person elections commission, with Mr. Abraham K. Dogba as chairman, has been set up.

“I expect an interesting debate on June 18 between the two brilliant candidates,” Dogba said, “and with what we are doing we hope that Liberia can look at our example to identify only two political parties for the country.”


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