Soldiers’ Children Yearn for ‘Special Education’


Students attending the Edward Beyan Kessely Barracks (EBK) Preparatory School near Camp Schiefflin, Margibi County, have called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to empower their parents by including into their academic curriculum what they referred to as ‘special education.’

The students call contained a statement read on their behalf by a first grader, Diamond Boley, over the weekend at a program marking this year’s AFL Annual Affiliation Day.

“Madam President, we the students of the Barracks Preparatory School along with our faculty and staff deemed it most expedient to display at your feet, the plight of our mothers, who are idle,” young Master Boley told the President to rounds of applause.

According to her, it would be a great service for the President to call on education stakeholders to include into the school’s curriculum courses like a computer training program, tailoring, catering, cosmetology, etc.

With the inclusion of these courses for their mothers to benefit, the students believe, the President would educate a multitude in the nation.

“By educating our mothers, we help them understand themselves better, and help them realize their potential as human beings.”

Little Mr. Boley told the President that it would be through her intervention in their parents’ education that they exercise their rights as citizens and seek improvement.

Filled with excitement, the President expressed gratitude to the school Administration for the splendid manner in which Little Boley recited the statement. She then took a copy of the statement and promised to look into their request in the shortest possible time.

Activities marking the ceremony coincided with the dedication of military facilities at Todee Military Academy, Upper Montserrado County.

After the Todee ceremony, President Sireaf then proceeded to EBK, Lower Margibi County, for the official 2013 Affiliation Day program.

The dedication at Todee and the Affiliation Day ceremonies gave the President the opportunity to interact with new recruits in training, the soldiers and other military top brass.

The event marked the observance of this year’s AFL Affiliation Day. The day is set aside every year for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) staff, AFL personnel, and their families to get together and interact with the President and Commander-in-Chief in a relaxed atmosphere to mark the end of the year.

It is also intended to foster and strengthen ties with the C-I-C, MOD staff, AFL personnel, and their families, as they rekindle the comradeship and esprit de corps (inspiring keenness, gusto) between those groups and their families.


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