Senator Taylor Urges Women to Aspire to Greatness

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Eighty women have advanced to stage two of the ALFALIT International Liberia tailoring training program.

ALFALIT Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel J. Giddings, said the initial adult literacy program prepared the adults to read and write English.

He said the program targeted 91 adult literacy learners in four of the sectors in Montserrado and Margibi counties.

At the recognition ceremony Friday held at ALFALIT-Liberia’s headquarters in Monrovia, Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor urged the students to aspire to greatness.

Senator Taylor called on them to take advantage of the skills training program in order to benefit from opportunities provided by ALFALIT-Liberia.

She reminded the graduates that the skills they are acquiring would make them self-reliant in their future endeavors.

“I want to encourage you because this is the beginning of a long journey that will transform your thinking and way of doing things that will make you financially (sound),” Senator Taylor said.

She said on many occasions, Liberians do not get business contracts because most of their businesses do not have established offices.

She pointed out that education offers opportunities when the best training is acquired.

“If you come from a low income level and go to the higher level in business, that in itself inspires you to do more work and elevate yourselves,” Senator Taylor said.

She urged the women not to remain at the same level, but rather work to ensure that they serve as role models for others.

Senator Taylor then recommended to the ALFALIT to include adult literacy and skills training to enable graduates to become successful entrepreneurs.

She described some Liberians as a generation of eaters that do not plan well for the future whether in business or other undertakings.

She observed that in most communities around the world, it is the women that are wealthier owing to their managerial abilities.

Mr. Giddings, in response said ALFALIT-Liberia’s adult literacy program incorporates business skills development.

Mr. Giddings explained that ALFALIT’s adult literacy program has two objectives that are intended to empower students for sustainable livelihoods.

“We are not only teaching the adult literacy students to read and write in English, but we empower the students with good marketable skills for life,” Mr. Giddings said.

During the recognition program, some of the students acknowledged that the adult literacy teaching has taken them from darkness to light.


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