Senator Jallah Donates to Education, Health

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Senate Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah has made several donations amounting to LD350, 000 to education, health and religious institutions, in Gbarpolu and Montserrado Counties.

Over the weekend, Pro Tempore Jallah, who hails from Gbarpolu, made a donation of LD150,000 toward the Bopolu District University Union (BODUSU) in the county.

The Gbarpolu lawmaker said the donation was his way of contributing to students, who are striving to achieve quality education.

At the ceremony in Bopolu City, Senator Jallah said if education is not defended by the educated citizenry, it will not be defended at all.

He asserted that there are still people, though few in number, who harbor the notion that there are other areas of life that are more attractive than achieving a university education.

He noted that those who hate ignorance are the ones who know that acquiring a university education is the best.

‘’Every man sent out from a university must be a man of his nation as well as a man of his time,” Pro Temp Jallah quoted former United States President Woodrow Wilson as saying.”

At the launch of a scholarship fund of BODUSU in Bopolu City, Pro Temp Jallah said: “Today you are launching what will become a process that will be beneficial to succeeding generations and a support to manpower development. Nothing else gladdens my heart today more about you than this laudable initiative.”

He reminded them of the present competitiveness, dynamism and technological advancements of the world as compared to past years.

“In the days of old, people utilized a diversity of media to communicate; they used smoke, drums and other traditional means. Even rings around the sun and the rainbow were signs that explained and told many stories. Messengers walked from town to town, from one village to another and from one clan to the other to convey messages and decrees of traditional leaders,” Senator Jallah recalled.

Today, Jallah said, the world is using telephones, email services, tablet, television and other electronic devices; moving from canoe to ship, from horse and wagon to train and vehicles. These, the Gbarpolu lawmaker asserted, are classic examples of a modern departure from one level of life to a higher level. “The engine responsible for and required is education,” Pro Temp declared, and quoted a renowned educator Allan Bloom who said: “Education is the movement from darkness to light”.

“On March 1, we launched the School Support Fund, committing LD200,000. Already we have advanced LD100,000 to print copy books and other educational materials. The other LD100,000 will soon be given to the Gbarpolu County Community College.”

Jallah said his belief in education is inherent in the words of the late Mahatma Gandhi of India and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela that say: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever;” and that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

He said what the new Liberian citizens are dreaming about needs intelligent, educated and productive citizens. “The generational change you young people are discussing requires education as its basic foundation, and in order that we adequately protect and defend our independence, we need educated people. Therefore, this decision is a worthy one and has my unconditional and unflinching support and protection,” he pledged.

In a related development, Pro-Tempore Jallah, in fulfillment of a pledge made last June, presented over twenty sets of beds to the Faith Clinic located in the Red Hill Community of Virginia Township, Montserrado County valued at more than LD100,000.

He spoke of the fragile health system in Liberia that often leads to hundreds of untimely deaths of citizens.

Senator Jallah then used the occasion to announce that he will soon submit a bill for enactment in which aged citizens will receive medical service through the Social Security requirement.

When passed into law, he said aged persons will be treated free of charge, as is the case in the United States of America where old folks are well taken care of through the federal government.

The Chief Administrator of the Faith Clinic, Jartu Boykai, commended Senator Jallah for the gesture describing it as timely.


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