SCI Dedicates US$120K All Girls School in Kakata

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Save the Children International (SCI) over the weekend dedicated eight classrooms in Kakata, Margibi County —All Girls School constructed at the cost of US$120,000.

The dedicatory ceremony coincided with the closing of the school, which brought together the County Chief Education Officer, Gormah Minnie and the Assistant Education Minister for Early Childhood Education (ECD), Youkhiko Ammon as well several other executives of SCI’s staff, among others.

The school was funded by Hope for Africa (HfA) and implemented by SCI, the education coordinator, B. Augustine Kullie said.

Mr. Kullie said the systemic poverty across Africa has resulted in generations of people facing the same problems of poor education, few employment opportunities, sickness and disease, poor water and sanitation, etc.

He said 2008 marked the launch of Hope for Africa’s sponsorship academy, which sponsored students from primary schools, focusing on girls’ ages from two to 18.

He explained that the project was founded in South Korea through donor support as well as soliciting public assistance by highlighting the plight of children through the national broadcast system in Seoul, South Korea.

In Liberia, Mr. Kullie said, Hope for Africa’s (HfA) intervention focuses in Montserrado, Margibi and Bong counties with the goal to improve the access and quality of education for children, especially girls in collaboration with its strategic partner, Ministry of Education (MOE).

HfA is an international Christian Charity, set up in 2004. It has a clear mandate to bring hope and empower people in Africa – and put an end to systemic poverty.

According to Kullie, the hope comes in the form of food to eat, safe drinking water, help for families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or by empowering people to set up small businesses and or go to school at least at the primary level.

“Our aim is to impact one life at a time with a long-term vision and to diversify the charity across Africa,” he said.

The dedication of the school, he said will enable the students to enjoy a brighter future and better employment opportunities as they will be able to attend top class secondary schools.

Before the dedication, it was discovered that four sets of new commodes in the bathrooms were missing; a situation Mr. Kullie and his staff described as “unfortunate.”

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children that works in 120 countries.

It fights for the rights of children as well as helps them fulfill their potential in life

“We work to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives,” Kullie said.

Earlier, the guest speaker, Youkhiko Ammon expressed gratitude to SCI for catering to the welfare of the girls, especially the vulnerable ones by enrolling them in the school “free of charge.”

As a result of that effort, she called on parents to encourage their children to focus their attention on their lessons in order to succeed.

The All Girls Schools is located in the Du-Village Community in Kakata, and is run under the auspices of SCI that has provided instructional materials.

The registrar, Ms Agnes S. Tamba, in her progress report said, amidst numerous changes in the re-opening dates of schools this year, due to the Ebola outbreak, the school opened for academic activities on March 2.

During the registration, she said the total number of students registered from the Early Childhood Curriculum (ECCD) Development to grade 4th was 311—ages two to 18 years.

“The Save the Children All-Girls Elementary School comprises the Parents Teachers Association, and the teaching staff that give strength to the running of the school. The school also provides environmental studies to students to spread and prevent HIV/AIDS, Ebola and teenage pregnancy,” Ms Tamba explained.

She said in order for the Save the Children All Girls Elementary School to maintain quality standard, it will rely on certain basic rules and regulations, which are necessary to uplift the country’s education system.

As such, she said, the institution has made it the prime duty for both teachers and administrators not to impart book knowledge only, but to make them law-abiding and to become productive citizens.

The school is run with the objective of training students spiritually, morally and educationally; to enable them contribute immensely to the overall development of their respective communities; to make them aware of their abilities so as to enable them make proper adjustment in life challenges and to include sporting activities.


According to Ms Tamba, while the administration appreciates Hope for Africa and the Government of Liberia for the “free and compulsory education policy, which has increased enrollment, especially the girls, the All Girls School lacks support staff, tools to clean the campus, suck like wipers, cutlasses, hoes, etc.” She also mentioned the need for safe drinking water, security guards, at least three to four persons.


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