PYJ Breaks Ground for Technical Institute


Nimba County Senator Prince Yormi Johnson (PYJ) recently broke ground for the construction of a multi-storey building for a vocational and technical institute in Ganta, Nimba County.

The 36 classroom project is valued at about US$1.5 million, and when completed will accommodate the younger generation in molding their minds to become useful citizens, according to Senator Johnson.

He said his dream is to empower the youth so that they would become useful citizens in the future.

“Young people are the future leaders and so we are doing this so that tomorrow you will be able to hold our hands when we are old and can no longer walk by ourselves,” Senator Johnson said.

The vocational institute will contain a mini clinic so as to provide first aid services to the students whenever they fall ill while in school.

The Senator did not elaborate on the number of vocational courses to be offered, but said that the institute is the same as the Monrovia-based PYJ Education Foundation.

The completion of the institute will increase the number of vocational schools in Nimba County.

Senator Johnson meanwhile expressed gratitude to those who contributed and pledged to contribute for the construction of the school.


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