Progress At NCCC Excites President

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The president of the Nimba County Community College (NCCC), Dr. Yar Donlah Gonway-Gono, says despite the economic and social effects of Ebola epidemic on the country, the college is in a good position to commence promptly academic activities after the government ordered the resumption of academic activities as of Monday, January 12.

Dr. Gonway-Gono, who made the statement in an exclusive interview recently with the Daily Observer newspaper in Sanniquellie, Nimba Provincial Capital, lauded government, the county legislative caucus, and administration for their support in maintaining the viability of the college.

She said unlike the past when the college faced a financial crisis, which caused some instructors to bid farewell, the government and county administration have contributed immensely to the smooth running of the college.

She indicated, however, that there were some additional  outstanding amounts  of money expected from the county administration to the NCCC.

With this level of cooperation from both the national government and the Nimba County Administration, Dr.  Gonway-Gono noted,  the college can now boast of maintaining its staff and attending  to some projects it has earmarked for implementation.

According to her, the college has begun to initiate some projects,  including the erection of a concrete billboard, and a welcome-gate to give an appreciable facelift to the campus.

Furthermore, Dr.  Gonway-Gono indicated that through her visits to the United States, and other African countries, she has been able to secure reading materials for the three operational departments at the college.

The NCCC currently operates various departments, including Agriculture, Business and Public Administration and Liberal Arts.

On the other side of the progress, the NCCC president stressed that the college is yet to attract a balanced number of students in the county.

She stressed that people from distant areas, including Kparblee and Gbee statutory districts, are yet to be seen in huge numbers at the college.  “We at the college will have to create awareness for the people to come, but as we’ve seen, people of the county are highly delighted to see the college fully operating, she said.

The NCCC president further told this newspaper that the college has enough seating capacity for students as well as other facilities for instructors as a result of help from the Liberian Government provided them.

However, she said some of the chairs and a bundle of zinc were recently stolen and a staff members have  been arrested in connection to the incident and are  expected to be investigated.

Meanwhile, an instructor of the college has also lauded the college’s administration for progress being made especially in catering for its staff.

Mr. Patrick Dolo, giving his view about the effect of Ebola on jobs in the country, said the NCCC has remained consistent in paying staff and by that they have been able to contend with the prevailing challenges.

Though a principal of St. Mary’s High School in Sanniquellie, Mr. Dolo observed that, “Because of the Ebola epidemic, schools have not been operating and therefore lack  money to pay their staffs.  He, however, commended the NCCC which, throughout the crisis, he said, has continued to pay salaries and other benefits to its staff.”


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